The Masked Dancer To Be Hosted By Craig Robinson

As if the masked singing wasn’t enough, get ready for masked dancing!

The Masked Dancer, spinoff to The Masked Singer, is finally almost here and somehow it sounds like even more of a fever dream than its parent show. This time, instead of singing, the masked creatures will be dancing, a la that Ellen Degeneres bit in which Howie Mandel was revealed to be a dancing pug. Ellen is also an executive producer. 

Craig Robinson is set to host the series, which is normal and delightful enough. Ken Jeong will also serve as a panelist, which is to be expected at this point. The rest of the panel? We couldn’t have Mad Libbed this if we tried. 

Ken will be joined by Paula Abdul, Brian Austin Green and Ashley Tisdale. Naturally. 

While guessing a person based on their voice is already hard enough sometimes, it sounds particularly impossible to guess someone based on their dancing—unless they’re literally pro dancer Derek Hough

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