The Masked Singer Season 4 Premiere Unmasks the Dragon

Ladies and gentlemen, we are back

The Masked Singer has returned with a brand new season and thus we’re here to drive ourselves crazy trying to figure out which celebrities are under all those masks. The first mystery was already solved for us at the end of tonight’s episode when the Dragon was revealed to be none other than Busta Rhymes

Apparently the panelists and host Nick Cannon are also competing against each other this season, and Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger and Nick all guessed Busta correctly so they take an early lead 

The premiere also introduced us to Popcorn, Giraffe, Sun and our personal obsession, the Snow Owls. Everyone put on a pretty good performance, but it’s the Snow Owls who have us stumped because this show has never before had a duo competing as one contestant and we’re torn between wanting them to last as long as possible and desperately wanting to know who they are. 

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