The Masked Singer Reveals First Duo Contestants and More Season 4 Costumes

The Masked Singer season four hasn’t even begun but we’re already desperate to know who at least two of the singers are.

For the first time, the Fox reality juggernaut is featuring a duo who will compete (and be unmasked) as one contestant. They’re dressed as Snow Owls and they appear to be a guy and a girl, which seems to be confirmed by our exclusive sneak peek of the premiere. 

In the clip, panelist Jenny McCarthy tries to guess who this pair might be. 

“I immediately thought brother and sister, sitcom, maybe someone like the Bradys?” she says. “Maureen McCormick and Barry Williams?” 

But after she heard the Owls’ voices, Jenny thought maybe these Snow Owls also came with another first for the show: a repeat contestant. 

“After hearing them sing, I think it really could be Donny and Marie,” she says. Donny Osmond already played a bird as the Peacock in season one, which had Nicole Scherzinger on board too. 

“I was totally thinking the same thing!” she said. “Because he’s doing the pecking move just like Peacock.”

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