Tyler Accuses Yosef of Being Unfaithful to Clare Crawley on Night One

After getting it off his chest with some of Clare’s suitors, Tyler decided to talk to Yosef “man to man.”

“I wanted to pull you off to the side… I don’t want to make a scene…,” Tyler said. “I know a girl and she messages me through a mutual friend and she contacts me and she said, ‘A guy on the show is DM’ing me or talking to me.'”

Tyler explained the reason he’s bringing it up now is to try “to look out” for Clare “because she’s had enough of her time wasted.”

However, Yosef denied Tyler’s accusations. “Listen, I get what you’re saying,” Yosef responded. “I totally understand that but I don’t remember that.”

Filming his confessional, Yosef shared the same sentiments. “I don’t know what mini McConaughey is saying. I’m not here for high school drama…,” he expressed. “I can promise you one thing, nothing is going to get in the way of Clare and I enjoying this evening.”

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