Watch Dwayne Johnson Taste His Blood After Suffering Injury at the Gym

Ouch. That looked like it hurt.

After suffering an injury while working out in his Iron Paradise gym, Dwayne Johnson shared a video of the wound with his social media followers. The clip, posted to Instagram on Monday, Oct. 26, showed The Rock with a line of blood down his face from a cut near his eye. However, the 48-year-old actor didn’t seem too concerned about the mark.

“All right look: Sometimes, well often times, things get a little intense here in the Iron Paradise, but we ain’t playing Tiddlywinks and we ain’t reciting nursery rhymes. All right?” he said. “You get lumped up every once in a while, and things happen.” 

Taking his finger, Johnson then wiped it over the blood and stuck it in his mouth so he could taste it.

“That’s good,” he added. “That’s real good. Back to work.”

So, what kind of workout was he doing that led to such an injury? The Jumanji star shared he had been throwing around his 50-pound chains for a drop set when he got “lumped up.”

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