Watch Kathryn Newton Get Stuck in Vince Vaughn's Body in New Trailer

Ever wondered what Freaky Friday would be like as a horror movie? Well, Vince Vaughn is about to show you. 

The actor is set to star alongside Big Little Lies‘ Kathryn Newton in writer-director Christopher Landon‘s Freaky. While the movie won’t be released until Friday, Nov. 13, fans just got a first look at the film thanks to a trailer that is sure to keep you simultaneously laughing and on your toes. 

The horror-comedy centers on high school teen Millie Kessler (Newton), who wakes up in the body of her town’s infamous serial killer, “The Butcher” (Vaughn), after he attempts to kill her with a mystical dagger.

“It turns out I didn’t get killed,” she clarifies to the audience in the trailer. “I woke up in the killer’s body.”

With only 24 hours to switch back, Millie—in the body of a male, middle-aged murderer—has to hunt down the blood-hungry man traipsing around town as an ordinary high school girl. 

As Newton announced on Instagram, “Get ready for a killer switch Friday, November 13th.”

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