Watch Lizzo Try to Remove Her Days Old Nipple Pastie in Painful Video

The truth hurts, but not as much as this Instagram post of Lizzo attempting to rip off her nipple pastie does. On Friday, Oct. 9, the “Good as Hell” singer shared a video of her struggle to Instagram, and it’s a nightmare. 

“Help. My nipple pastie won’t come off, I’m scared,” a concerned Lizzo tells fans on Instagram. “It’s been on for two days, and I don’t know what to do. It hurts so bad.” 

Lizzo attempts to remove the pastie, which only leads to more pain, even though, as she says in the video, she “put oil” on it and everything. 

“I think I’m taking off the skin,” Lizzo says as she struggles to remove it. “It hurts!” 

Eventually, Lizzo mercifully gives up and the nipple pastie lives to see another day. Fortunately for the artist, her fans shared plenty of pro tips in the comments, such as soaking off the pastie in the shower or lathering it up with Vaseline before the next attempt. Others recommended soap and a hot water compress. 

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