Why Kaitlyn Bristowe Will

That same month, Kaitlyn expressed in an exclusive interview with E! News that she’s “ready to have babies” once DWTS is over.

“I always said when I’m getting to that point, you know like, when I’m a year out from having a family or two years, I really want to feel like I’m in the best shape of my life, to feel strong and to go into a healthy pregnancy,” she said in early September.

“With quarantine, everyone’s just horizontal, watching TV and just going through their own transition of ‘What is life,'” she explained, “and I think everyone kind of went into like a mode of ‘Okay, well I can sleep in or I can lay on the couch and I can do whatever.'”

Now, she’s looking at things differently. Simply put, “Anything I do in life, I always want to work hard, play hard and so I’m still drinking my wine, I’m still eating my McDonald’s on Sundays, but I am working hard through the week.”

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