Meghan Markle Calls This the

Meghan Markle is hoping to avoid going to trial in her case against The Mail on Sunday.

The Duchess of Sussex’s legal team is heading to a U.K. court on Thursday, Oct. 29 to ask the judge to make a summary judgement instead of going to trial, a move that is only possible if there is complete confidence in the case. 

If the court decides against Meghan’s application for a summary judgement, her legal team intends to move forward with a request to delay the trial, which is set to start on Jan. 11.

The request for more time comes after the recent inclusion of Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand‘s biography, Finding Freedom. A delay in the trial will allow Meghan’s attorneys a larger window of time to respond to the contents of the book. 

The Mail on Sunday requested to amend their defense in September, claiming that the Duchess or her friends cooperated with the authors in order to portray the former actress in a more favorable light. 

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