Inside Murder on Middle Beach's Very Personal Mystery

There are a few moments in Murder on Middle Beach, HBO’s latest true crime docu-series, where you might find yourself covering your eyes or fighting the urge to crawl out of your skin. And it’s not because of the violence or gruesome images. The filmmaker just has a very intimate and intense relationship with his interview subjects.

Madison Hamburg was just 18 years old when his mother, Barbara Hamburg, was murdered outside of their Madison, Conn. home in in 2010. More than a decade later, the crime remains unsolved. But Madison has never stopped searching for answers—even when it meant asking his family members uncomfortable questions, like, “Did you murder my mom?”

You know, just for example. 

What started off as a college project at Savannah College of Art ultimately became Murder on Middle Beach, the gripping four-part docuseries that comes to a conclusion on Dec. 6. Madison has spent more than eight years working on the documentary that, really, isn’t a true crime series at all.

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