Why Selena Gomez Got “So Angry” About Her Mental Health Story

Selena Gomez doesn’t want to keep her mental health journey to herself.

As an actress and singer in the public eye, the 28-year-old knows she has fans who look up to her. So when given the opportunity to share her struggles with anxiety and depression, Selena knew she had to speak out.

“For me, I had to give up social media… so I would go through these periods when I wouldn’t [use my accounts],” she shared in a joint interview with mom Mandy Teefey for The Newsette. “But I got so angry that my story was twisted into so many different things. The first time I posted [again], I was like, ‘I claim my own story, so if you don’t hear it from me, then it’s not true. Did I go and get help? Yes I did. But I’m not ashamed. I feel better and I feel like I can understand a lot of things now.'”

Selena continued, “I think that was my moment when I knew [nobody] was going to take my story away from me. And I really do believe that I made the circle, if you will, of making the media look like s–t if they’re making fun of someone who has mental health issues.”

Back in April 2020, Selena joined Miley Cyrus in an Instagram Live where she publicly shared that she is bipolar.

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