Why the Latest Big Brother Exit Speech Is Instantly Iconic

David Alexander, Bayleigh Dayton, Kevin Campbell, and Da’Vonne Rogers each entered the house eager to play and hopeful to become the first-ever Black winner of Big Brother. Bayleigh and Da’Vonne quickly developed a friendship, relying on each other for strategy feedback and regularly reminding viewers of the “Black girl magic” they often cited.

Of course, their intention was to thoughtfully advance to the finals. However, as with any season of Big Brother, an all-white alliance of six dubbed The Committee quickly formed, locking David, Bayleigh, Kevin and Da’Vonne out of major game play that could have helped them push forward.

Because of The Committee’s agenda to protect each other, Bayleigh was eventually eliminated in week five and, following a series of thorny events, Da’Vonne failed to see that she truly could trust David as an ally. Sadly, Da’Vonne was sent packing on Thursday, Sept. 24 when houseguests gave her the boot by a vote of five to two, making David and Kevin, who is Black and Japanese, the last remaining Black players of season 22.

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