You’ll Never Believe What New York Fashion Week Looked Like in 2000

New York, but make it fashion!

There is nothing quite like the feeling of the Big Apple when its Fashion Week. Whether you have the chance to be in the city or watch all the coverage online, its quite a sight to behold. The legendary event always brings fashion designers, models and Hollywood talent from all across the globe to celebrate up-and-coming trends and the best the fashion world has to offer.

In the last two decades, NYFW has brought the world some of the most iconic moments. From watching Naomi Campbell strut her stuff down the runway countless times over the years to seeing the Hadid sisters take the city by storm as the new generation of supermodels, there’s always sure to be OMG moments.

With NYFW looking a little different this year due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we thought we’d look back to a time when styles, stars and trends looked a little different. That’s right: we’re throwing it back to New York Fashion Week 2000!

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