Brooke Ellen Cook, Clay Cook

Zac Brown Band member Clay Cook and his wife Brooke just welcomed baby girl Cecilia Ellen—and it’s a very big deal for the Cook family for a number of reasons!

Clay and Brooke, who share Theron “Teddie” Maine, 2, and Charles “Charlie” Robert, 3, welcomed Cecilia Ellen on Friday, Sept. 25, which just so happened to be National Daughter Day. On Instagram, the couple wrote that they “hoped for the opportunity to raise a strong girl alongside her two sweet brothers.”

Earlier this year, Clay informed People that the baby girl would be the very first girl in the Cook family line since the ’30s. Cecilia Ellen’s first name came from the patron saint of music, while her middle name is a nod to Brooke’s grandmother.

Clay’s Instagram features tons of family photos. Each week, Clay documented his wife during her pregnancy. In the final week before Brooke was set to give birth, the musician wrote on Instagram: 

“Well, we’ve never made it all the way to the due date but here we are. I’ve been taking these bump pictures every week for all three pregnancies & I feel very happy but very sad to take what might be the last one. Now, come on out here, girl, & meet your family! PS. My wife is a straight up gladiator.”

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