11 Streaming Holiday Films Starring People of Color

Set on a Native American-owned ski lodge, this 2001 film is a story of mistaken identity and falling in love. Resort Manager Ray Clouds (Timothy Vahle) tries to prepare for the arrival of a guidebook critic (M. Emmet Walsh), but is given wrong information and confuses another guest, Tina Littlehawk (Mariana Tosca), for the critic. Of course, this quickly evolves into a story of romance.

With a majority Indigenous cast, starring Graham Greene, Timothy Vahle, and Sheila Tousey, Christmas in the Clouds is a charming holiday film. The satirical comedy of Native American stereotypes in the film may not stand the test of time, and hopefully we can continue to see more Indigenous storytelling in modern film, but you can watch the full film on Tubi TV.

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