16 Custom iOS 14 Home Screens to Inspire Your Inner Geek

You can now trick out the look of your iPhone’s various pages and customize your app icons much more than Apple has ever allowed you to do before. That’s all thanks to iOS 14 and Apple’s Shortcuts app.

Here’s how it works: You move your apps off your pages to your App Library, and you create shortcuts to launch each individual app instead. In other words, launch Shortcuts and tap on + > Add Action > Scripting > Open App, and then tap on “Choose” to pick the app you want to use the shortcut to open.

Once you’ve tapped forward to name the shortcut (ideally, the name of the app you’re looking to launch), you can tap the shortcut’s triple-dot icon, tap the triple-dot icon that appears again, and then tap on “Add to Home Screen.” You then tap on the icon under “Home screen name and icon” to change it to photo or file on your device.

It’s time-consuming, sure, but it’s a simple enough task. The hardest part of the process is coming up with a cool design. To help out, I’ve rounded up a number of the most outrageous, interesting, and artsy iPhone customizations I’ve seen this weekend. If you have one you’re especially proud of, drop me an image link in the comments. Be sure to crop out any identifying information if you’re worried about that sort of thing.

(Also, how long Apple will allow this is anyone’s guess. I’ve seen enough porn-themed versions of these “custom” app icons to give any Apple executive a heart attack.)

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