Avoid Germs With These Handy Door-Opening Multi-Tools, 40% Off With Promo Code

Social Distancing Multi-Tool | $6 | Amazon | Promo code 40USDX3Q

No-Touch Door Opener Tool 2-Pack | $9 | Amazon

I don’t know about you, but I hate touching any public surfaces— for obvious reasons, I hope. Unfortunately, it can’t be completed avoided at the grocery store or at the ATM or while running other necessary errands.

These multi-tools can help you go touch-free as much as possible, and we found a few good deals. They can pull many types of door handles open, and they also include a bottle opener, and a stylus so you don’t have to touch public keypads.

This 2-pack of the tool is at its lowest price in 30 days for $9, normally $14. If you just want to give one a try, you can get $4 off of this highly-rated multi-tool in rose gold or in silver for only $6. To get the $4 discount, use promo code 40USDX3Q at checkout.

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