Save up to 30% on Anker Soundcore Speakers, Today Only

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Save up to 30% on Anker Soundcore Portable Speakers | Amazon Gold Box

Ain’t no party like an Anker sale party ‘cuz an Anker sale party don’t stop… kind of like how the Soundcore Wakey doesn’t stop yelling at you when it’s time to wake up with its FM radio. It helps you get to sleep in the first place with a built-in white noise machine. You may come to love the digital display giving you a glanceable timestamp through the felt speaker covers, and with a Qi charging pad on top, it’s guaranteed to be the first unlucky inanimate object to feel the wrath of your daily morning blues. Get the Wakey and prepare thy blankey.

Down to $62, it’s one of several from the Soundcore family you can find on sale as part of Amazon’s Gold Box today. Save up to 30% on the other Anker speakers whose names aren’t nearly as cute, including the Soundcore 2 for $28, the pill-shaped Soundcore Motion+ cut down to $70, and the sexiest of all—the Soundcore Flare and its RGB butt—falls to just $40.

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