Sunday Scaries' 10mg CBD Gummy Bundle Aims to Put an End to, Well, Sunday Scaries for $37 (Baseball Cap Included)

Everyday Scaries Bundle | $37 | Sunday Scaries | Promo Code ESINV25

Sunday scaries, everyone gets ‘em. You know the night before you have to go back to work, when you’re filled with anxiety with nowhere left to turn? I’ve found CBD helps, and what better way to enjoy the relaxing, non-psychoactive cannabinoid than in gummy form? If you want to be chill and look chill doing it, check out the Everyday Scaries bundle, now discounted 25% using the promo code ESINV25 (automatically applied at checkout). The brainchild of Sunday Scaries and surf company Everyday California, the bundle includes not only a 20-count bottle of gummies but a matching hat to go with it.

Beachgoers looking to continue radiating those summer 2020 vibes can sit at home drink hot cider, and pop a couple CBD gummies for a relaxing Sunday afternoon, as opposed to the normal kind spent nervously dreading that awful Monday morning adjusting to the workday routine. Instead of wasting an entire weekend moaning and groaning about what’s to come, join me and the thousands of other Sunday Scaries customers raving about their products. Trust me, this is a much higher caliber of CBD than your over-the-counter bodega stuff. Because, for one, it actually works and doesn’t give you diarrhea.

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