The 10 Best Deals of November 11, 2020

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It’s November 11, and we at Kinja Deals are here to bring you the top 10 deals of the day. Cash in on a pair of Sonos Five high-fidelity speakers. If you’re overheating in your East Coast apartment building, it’s time to snag the Dyson TP02 Pure Cool Link air purifier fan. And since 2020 is the year where we faced the apocalypse, play it safe and buy an 800A car jump starter from Gooloo.

If you’re still craving more deals, take a peek at Wednesday’s best deals overall.

As my lovely wife elegantly put it in her review for Gizmodo, “the Watch SE performs like a high-end smartwatch without the high-end price tag.” With the processor of a Series 5 and the optical heart rate sensor of a Series 6, some would argue the Apple Watch SE is the one to buy this year if you’re still sporting an Apple Watch 3 or older. Although for some reason Apple still sells the Series 3 (but not the Series 4 or Series 5), tech journalists speculate it won’t be supported for much longer. And with the 44mm Apple Watch SE now on sale for $260—marked down from $309—the choice is clear for those on the fence about which model to buy. In comparison, the larger Series model is 2mm smaller and costs only $30 less.

For a mere pittance, you can secure an Apple Watch released only two months ago and remain confident it’ll get the latest WatchOS software updates for years to come. Be that as it may, there is one caveat to this offer. Only the Space Gray 44mm option is discounted, meaning if you’re hoping to rock the Gold or Silver aluminum case, you’re shit out of luck. Still, you’ll find plenty of cases on Amazon to adorn your Apple Watch with, even if that could drive the price up to more than you bargained for. But as a Space Gray Apple Watch haver myself, I have to say, there’s nothing it won’t match, and unlike some colors, we have historical evidence to prove Space Gray is here to stay.

As Victoria puts it, the Apple Watch SE is the one to buy over the dead-in-the-water Series 3, and even the Series 6, which I foolishly pre-ordered on a whim back in September:

Unless your top priority is future-proofed advanced health-monitoring, or you just really love an always-on display, you should get a Watch SE. I promise you won’t feel like you’ve been cheated. If you’re not sure if you like smartwatches enough to plop down $400, then absolutely the Watch SE is the way to go. Don’t even look at the $200 Series 3. Don’t even think about it for your children, as it doesn’t even support the Family Setup feature that the cheapest watch seems perfect for. While the Series 3 was a great smartwatch, its time has passed. We thank it for its service and wish it a happy afterlife.

This deal was originally published by Gabe Carey.

Let’s get this out of the way first: Steelcase chairs are anything but cheap. That said, this particular model was nominated and voted one of the best heavy duty office chairs money can buy—and at the time it cost $965. That was in June, and the price hasn’t budged much until now. Now you can get the Steelcase Gesture for $825 which, while still expensive, is $211 off the list price. Take a seat and you’ll find it’s worth the big bucks, according to The Inventory reader Mikemil, who said when nominating the chair, it “supports 400 pounds, and with a [12-year] warranty it’ll last longer than your overstrained heart.” That’s an endorsement if I’ve seen one.

Shop around a bit and you’ll find only the Graphite model is available for this price, so if you were in the market for a wacky-colored seat to place your bum in, here’s not the place. Colorways aside, the Gesture’s real draw is the advanced synchro-tilt function, which lets you lean back in a 2.8:1 ratio. However, you don’t have to worry about inadvertently leaning back if you don’t want to. Variable backstop means you can lock the backrest in position without tilting your head back like you’re in a dentist’s office. On top of that, the 78-pound chair is big and sturdy, plenty capable of holding someone up to 400 pounds in weight.

Maintain your posture and stop using your dining room chair as a home office chair and shell out the extra cash you saved not commuting over the past few months for the real deal. Please, please preserve your posture and spare your spine the discomfort (and, eventually, displacement) for 20% less today.

This deal was originally published by Gabe Carey.

With Destiny 2 launching on Steam this week, it might be time to put on your hunter’s cloak and dish out some elemental punishment. The base version of this loot-shooting MMO is freely downloadable on Steam, so there’s no monetary commitment to try it if you haven’t already. If you like what you’re experiencing, you can jump into the newest content starting at $32 with a Beyond Light expansion key from Eneba (with promo code DESTINYLIGHT).

Beyond Light introduces a new locale called Europa, an icy frozen moon where those damned Fallen are planning yet another annihilative resurgence against humanity. You’d think they’d be tired after several hundred Coldheart beams to the face. With the expansion comes new weapons, gear, and an entirely new subclass called Stasis, giving you control over the essence of darkness to manipulate space and time. There’s also a new raid for you and the fireteam to tackle.

If you’re serious about your Destiny 2, consider getting the Season Pass bundle, which grants you access to unlockable bonus gear, currencies, weapons, and cosmetics. There’s also the Beyond Light Deluxe Edition ($57), which adds all of the aforementioned plus a new exotic pulse rifle with a matching ornament, an exotic sparrow vehicle, and all of the content from seasons 12-15. Both of those discounts are available with the same DESTINYLIGHT promo code.

This deal was originally published by Quentyn Kennemer.

While, unlike the Xbox One and PS4 versions, BioShock: The Collection is unfortunately locked to 30fps on Nintendo Switch, I can say firsthand it looks pretty great running on my Switch Lite. For a limited time, it’s also $25 on Amazon and at Walmart, almost as low a price as its console equivalents. Complete with BioShock, BioShock 2, and BioShock Infinite and the DLC for all three, you’re effectively paying about $8 for the “definitive” BioShock experience. Explore Rapture and Columbia like you’ve never seen them before—on a handheld, on the go.

For those still looking to scratch that BioShock Vita itch Ken Levine promised all those years ago, now’s your chance to play pretend. Whatever your thoughts on the series, you can’t deny the creative direction, art style, and presentation translates perfectly to the Switch, even if playing a shooter using the system’s admittedly shallow right and left triggers is a bit awkward at first, and using the tiny thumbsticks to navigate the series’ immersive settings doesn’t mesh well with my slowly eroding finger joints. That said, cop one of these bad boys and hook up a pair of your best Bluetooth headphones and you’re in for a real treat. Sound design doesn’t get much better than BioShock.

This deal was originally published by Gabe Carey.

When most of your at-home listening was limited to catching up on podcasts over dinner and bumping a few tunes in the shower, you may not have concerned yourself too much with audio quality. That may have changed now that we’re all stuck inside and trying to do anything to keep use from getting antsy. One way to do that is to crank up the volume and get your favorite playlist going. Sure, a good Bluetooth speaker will do just fine, but a higher-end speaker like one from Sonos’s lineup will give you better quality and a more integrated experience. Right now, the company’s high-end Five speaker is down from $500 to $400 on Amazon and at Best Buy, saving you $100. It’s not going to take it into impulse buy territory, but if you’ve been eyeing a good standalone speaker, you won’t be disappointed. You can even grab two and pair them up, or tie them into your existing Sonos setup if you’ve already got an arsenal going.

This deal was originally posted by Gabe Carey.

Looking dope never goes out of season so while we may be headed to spending more time indoors again Ray-Ban and Oakley want you to still be in fashion. Today take 50% off select sunglasses from each company known for some very cool eyewear.

The classic of the classic is the Aviators. These copper/photochromic red gradient ones are a nice twist on this best selling style from Ray-Ban. Our soon to be President rocks these frames so you know you’ll look good for years to come.

These are one of my favorite pairs of sunglasses (RB4291). They were a gift a few years ago and while mine are all black I’m digging this tortoise pattern. These ones are called Havana and are just as stunning.

Oakley’s are well constructed and built to last. There’s a reason a ton of extreme athletes choose this brand. The Holbrooks are one of the company’s best selling designs and have just the right amount of vintage and modern.

All these have free shipping for Prime members.

This deal was originally published by Sheilah Villari.

Ella Paradis has put together a wonderful bundle to celebrate Singles Day. These 3 different vibrators fit a variety of needs for a good self-love session. This set is valued at $232 but can be yours for just $59. That’s a dang good deal.

2020 has been stressful and things don’t look to be letting up but the one thing you can do is take time to look after yourself. Your next sexy solo time just got kicked up a notch with this triple threat bundle. You’ll get the G-Spot Hero, which is a great appetizer to any and all sexy time. It’s one I personally enjoy. The Better Touch Vibe is a great external toy and has a ton of power for its size. Ok, so that’s something for the outside and something for the inside. How about something for around the corner. The Booty Pop Vibrator is just that. This is a great beginner toy if you want to explore the backyard and aren’t sure. Better to dip your toe in and play around before going full throttle. All these are made by Better Love and do just that.

This bundle will ship for free.

This deal was originally published by Sheilah Villari.

Moisturize your lips while getting a holographic shine with Huda Beauty Silk Hydrating Lip Balm. Only $21, it has soybean and licorice extracts to really give you a non-sticky sheen and hyaluronic acid to keep your lips from cracking when exposed to the dry air of fall and winter. What are you waiting for?

This deal was originally published by Ignacia Fulcher.

Oh, the joys of owning a larger vehicle. Not only does it cost more for parking in just about every city I’ve ever been to, but the jump starters, too, come at a premium. On the bright side, they occasionally go on sale for 40% off, as is the case with the Gooloo jumper pictured here.

This 800A jump starter—which can breathe new life into your SUV, pickup truck, tractor, and even yacht—normally costs $50. Compared to the $80-$90 price tag on a lot of the 1500A models (the 800A Gooloo supports up to 8-liter gas and 6-liter diesel engines), that’s a steep luxury tax for owners of smaller wheels.

Net yourself a high-end jump starter for the entry-level cost of $30 by clipping the coupon featured here and entering the promo code ER2VZIBE at checkout. You’ll never have to worry about your truck or phone dying again, thanks to its built-in 20,800mAh power bank functionality.

This deal was originally published by Gabe Carey.

With everything going on right now, you may want to invest in a good air purifier. You’re in luck—eBay has a refurbished Dyson TP02 Pure Cool Link Air Purifier Fan for 51% off. You’ll get a dash of cool air while filtering out allergens and pollutants as small as .3 microns, which apparently is pretty damn small. This is a deal I’d get on if you can afford it. Whatcha waiting for?

This deal was originally published by Ignacia Fulcher.

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