The 10 Best Deals of October 15, 2020

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It’s October 15, and we at Kinja Deals have the top 10 deals of the day. Create a photo collage with Zink’s Kodak Smile instant digital printer. Combat the quarantine-15 by opting for the Bella Pro Series air fryer. And complete your apartment makeover with the Perlesmith TV wall mount. If you’re still looking to score more savings, take a look at Thursday’s best deals overall.

Everybody loves a good shower karaoke session. Unfortunately, without the right Bluetooth speaker, you’ll be left with a big ol’ brick putting out static sound at best. You’ll need a waterproof speaker to get the job done. This one from Bose is $10 off at World Wide Stereo right now, and it comes in a few nifty colors if you’re looking for a little pizzaz.

This deal was originally published by Jordan McMahon.

As I recently learned reviewing the Colgate Hum for the first time, everyon should brush their teeth twice a day. It’s like making your bed, a routine that, once you get into it, you can’t live without. Colgate’s Cavity Protection fluoride toothpaste is a good place to start if you’re running out of toothpaste is a concern. Grab a six-pack for $8 on Amazon and never run out again—err, uh, at least not for a long time. This paste in particular is accepted by the American Dental Association (ADA) and contains no gluten! The mint is also sourced from American farmers, so you can rest assured you’re supporting domestic agriculture. Grace your mouth with a good clean feeling while this six-pack bundle is 47% off. It’s bound to spike back up to the $15 list price before long.

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Have a Prime credit card or willing to enroll with Visa? You might just be in luck. Avid gamers who check out with their Amazon Prime Rewards Visa card can get 25% back through October 18 from a wide range of titles and subscription memberships. Refill your PlayStation Plus membership and take home $15 to fuel up again later. Nintendo Switch owners can net anywhere from $1 to $25 depending on the amount you spend on eShop credits. Xbox faithfuls can score up to 3 months of Game Pass Ultimate which includes access to over 100 games and online multiplayer through Xbox Live Gold.

That said, if you’re not into credit cards or not entirely sold on the concept of getting one from Amazon, I can’t say I blame you. Luckily, Eneba is also selling PlayStation Plus and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions at steep discounts today, courtesy of our own Quentyn Kennemer. So either way, you’re set.

This article was originally published by Gabe Carey.

Letting someone else worry about cleaning is a really great feeling and mopping and vacuuming are such tedious chores. If you have a lot of traffic in your home or even have a few pets a robot vac can be a real game-changer. Right now at Samsung take $150 off the Powerbot R7040 Robot Vacuum and pass the buck of scrubbing surfaces on to it.

This smart vac can figure out what type of floors you and automatically adjust to the needs for that area. This means it can handle wood, carpet, rugs, tile, and everything in between. Where this device really shines is in its suction power which is 20 times stronger than previous models. The R7040 can run up to an hour on a single charge and is compatible with Alexa. With FullView 2.0 Sensors this vacuum knows the best path and how to avoid obctacles like dog toys or sneakers. Through the app you can see where your new robo maid has cleaned too. As it connects with Wi-Fi you can control this little sucker remotely right from your phone. Take one thing off your list and let the R7040 Robot Vacuum worry about the dust and the dirt.

Free shipping on all orders at Samsung.

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Let me tell you, the Dyson V7 is a game-changer, and I’m not just saying that because it’s on sale for $180 and we get a commission from each purchase. I bought one myself back in June for $200 and haven’t regretted it. Mounted to our wall, it’s much easier to store than a larger upright floor vac you might tuck away in a closet and rarely touch. I use mine almost every day to pick up kitty litter as my cat explodes from his spaceship. For smaller spaces, the canister yields a sufficient enough capacity that you can go about a month without emptying it out. Not to mention the actual process of dumping out the dirt and dust only requires the simple pull of a lever.

A 49% discount is not nothing, especially considering I paid $20 more for mine back in June. While it may not have the longest battery life in the world, clocking in at just 30 minutes, those living in quaint apartments or rancher-style homes shouldn’t take more than that to give their place a nice sweep. Don’t miss out, as this deal is part of Newegg’s FantasTech Round 2 sale, which runs through the end of the day today and comes to a hault later this evening.

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Air Fryers are such a wild trend and just when I think it’s time has passed a deal like this pops up and everyone goes crazy. In all seriousness, my pals who have one love it. If you’re in the hunt this Bella Pro Series model is $50 less today only at Best Buy.

This 6-quart touchscreen air fryer is powerful and efficient to turn all your goods crispy and evenly cooked. The heat tech also makes sure you aren’t wasting energy as it preheats much fast than other fryers and convection ovens on the market. Although it might seem small it can handle up to five pounds of food at a time, so if you’re thinking of making a large friend chicken the Bella Pro can take it. There’s auto-shutoff after an hour so no fear about accidentally leaving it on. This fryer is easy to clean because the pan and tray can go in the dishwasher. It’s simple to program for frying, broiling, roasting, reheating, and even dehydrating with very little oil. Literally savings all around. Plenty of new things to try once get this appliance in your kitchen.

This will ship free from Best Buy.

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We’re in a pandemic, sure, but kids want their candy, dammit, and some places will allow the annual walkabout for cavities and unending sugar rushes. If you’re planning on doing some door hopping this Halloween, consider grabbing this six pack of adjustable face masks for $16, each with its own design to garner all the praise and fake jump scares from Mrs. Mildred next door. There are sizes for both adults and kids available, and there are three unique mask designs per size. These dual-layer masks are considered non-medical, so buy them at your own risk.

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If you’re an iPhone user with some cash to blow, skip the pretenders and even the lesser AirPods to go for something better. The AirPods Pro stepped the game up with rubber tips, noise cancellation, and better overall audio quality. They’re a bit expensive and the price has dropped bit by bit over time, leading up to today’s opportunity to save $50 on a pair of your own, complete with a wireless charging case. With active noise canceling, automatic pairing on iPhones and iPads, and water/sweat resistance, picking ‘em now is a no-brainer if you were already in the market for them.

This deal was originally published by Quentyn Kennemer.

If you want a bit cleaner of an entertainment setup, a wall mount is one of the best ways to achieve it. Perlesmith’s articulating bracket holds TVs between 37″ and 75″ up to 132 pounds. It has VESA holes up to 600 x 400, and it’s down to $30 (50% off) with discount code PSLF250OFF.

With one, your TV can snuggle up to 2.2″ close to the wall and extends 18″ at full stretch,and you can tilt and swivel the thing to achieve the perfect angle.

This deal was originally published by Quentyn Kennemer.

It’s very cool to live in an era where we can capture and see pictures moments immediately. The only downside is if you grew up in the before times with actual cameras there’s something a bit lacking without a tangible representation. Zink’s Kodak Smile Instant Digital Printer can do this for you and today it’s $30 off.

Putting photos on the fridge, the walls, or around the house is a great way to remind yourself of good times which is certainly something we all need right now. The Smile Digital Printer allows you to connect to your phone to print pics on 2×3 sticky-backed paper. This compact and portable printer is built for convenience and not take up space. It’s durable in its polyresin protective case so it can handle life on the go. It syncs seamlessly with Bluetooth right to the device of your choice and you can access everything through the free Smile app. Through the app you can even edit, correct color, adjust lighting, and crop before printing. It will even let you post instantly to your social media platforms. The Smile fully charges in 2 hours and you can print around 40 pics off of one charge. You’ll get 5 sticker frames in this deal and all 5 colors are on sale. You will however need to purchase photo paper to really get going.

Free one-day shipping for Prime members.

This deal was originally published by Sheilah Villari. 

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