The 10 Best Deals of October 26, 2020

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It’s October 26, and we at Kinja Deals are here to bring you the top 10 deals of the day. Experience a little rest and relaxation with new Wayfair candles. Take care of your fur baby and the planet’s future by buying some compostable doggie poop bags. And upgrade your iPhone buy grabbing a new Totallee iPhone Case.

If you’re still looking to snag some deals, take a look at Monday’s best deals overall.

Have you bought or are you thinking about buying an iPhone 12 or one of its three alternative variants? Well you better wrap that shit up because no one is exempt from accidental drops, not to mention the natural wear and tear that comes with ordinary use over time. That’s why Totallee is offering Kinja Deals readers an exclusive 25% off its whole catalog of iPhone cases—including those designed specifically for Apple’s latest—using the promo code KINJA25NOW.

Known for its super thin, “almost invisible” phone cases, Totallee was dubbed “the best super thin case we’ve found” by Wirecutter in its rundown of the best iPhone X/XS-era cases. In his iPhone 12 accessories guide, our own Daryl Baxter called Totallee’s colorful iPhone 12 outfits “well-made and at a great price if you’d like something other than from Apple.”

While the staggered iPhone 12 launch is admittedly confusing, our handy pre-order guide should tell you everything you need to know about buying the recently released iPhone 12 and 12 Pro as well as the upcoming iPhone 12 Mini and Pro Max. In addition to the iPhone 12, this discount from Totallee applies to cases made for older iPhone models as well, from the iPhone 7 all the way up to the 12 Pro Max. This deal ends November 1, meaning non-case havers should take advantage before it’s too late.

This deal was originally published by Gabe Carey.

It’s mask-wearing season, and MQDirect has come through for us once again with a steep discount on “FDA and CE approved” KN95 face masks. While I’ve yet to pull the trigger on any of these deals for myself so far, the company claims “at least 95 percent filtration efficiency” and a full five layers of protection. Like most disposable face masks, these face masks feature two straps—one for each ear—and the CDC recommends throwing ‘em out after 2-3 uses.

“If used for extensive periods of time,” the listing on the MQDirect site reads, “handle with proper care and apply disinfecting procedures.”

To stave off irritable skin conditions, such as “mask-ne,” or mask acne, that often result from prolonged mask usage, the company claims its masks forego a woven fabric design in favor of a non-woven interior fabric. Though it says its KN95s are “compatible with eye wear protection and face shields,” I wouldn’t bank on total fog elimination for glasses wearers like myself. But who can say for sure!? All I know is these masks are driving a hard bargain, starting at $10 for a 20-pack or $15 for 50, all the way up to $1,500 for 10,000 using our exclusive promo code KINJA50, in case you’re not so optimistic about the outcome of the presidential election and don’t trust our current administration to help “flatten the curve” any time soon.

If you’ve purchased a pack ‘o KN95 masks, either from a Kinja Deal, or from MQ Direct itself, sound off with your impressions in the comments below. I’m curious to see how the quality stacks up to its competitors, in case you’re finding better deals on masks elsewhere we might’ve overlooked.

This deal was originally published by Gabe Carey.

Hello, hi, the great toilet paper shortage of 2020 sucked. Whenever America’s recklessness forces us back into extreme quarantine, don’t be among the walking dead whose taste buds seemingly traded brains for thin perforated butt wipers. With a $50 bidet ($30 off with promo code K87BL9QA), your tissue stash will last a lot longer, and your private parts will never feel cleaner. This bidet has two different adjustable nozzles that lets you change both angle and water pressure, and its elongated shape allows for a neat installation on most toilets.

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Candles are great for decoration, can help set a mood, or even just lighten a living area (pun intended). For the next two days, Wayfair has several on a deep discount that are both flameless and have wicks ready to be lit. Either way, both burn bright and are under $25.

The absolute classic of all candles. The pillar candle is the penultimate look for a burning item. The cream color blends in with any room or setting and is somehow both calming and a little spooky in a dim or dark space. This 3-piece set is 41% off ($19) and is the perfect set for any area. You never have to worry about leaving these on overnight because they’re flameless. They do come with batteries.

If you do love a good scented candle it’s still pumpkins time to shine. This pumpkin shortbread soy wax candle ($15) from M. Baker will conjure all the nostalgic vibes of fall leaves and pies cooling for the holidays. It’s a 14-ounce candle in vibrant orange glass with a retro apothecary look. This candle features two cotton wicks for an even burn over about 60 hours.

Witches this is the bulk deal you’re looking for. You can be the one to light the black flame candle in this pack of 12 black straight taper candles ($15). They’re 45% off and are 100% hand-poured unscented paraffin wax. Zest Candle has a few colors on sale but these black ones are fetching and really let you ride the Halloween motif all year long. Who says you can only be goth in October?

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You’ve already cleaned your home three times over with all the free time you’ve gained, I’m sure, and if you’re anything like Jolie, you’ve also been rage cleaning, just because. At this point, any further efforts to clean can only be seen as a desperate, cryptic cry for some sort of help. After you’ve resolved your internal conflict and made a full return to normalcy, let someone else do the job. It could be your kids, but not all of us have them, and barring expensive nanny care, a eufy RoboVac just might be the next best thing. The BoostIQ RoboVac 11S packs a lot of suction power for just $150. You’ll need to clip the $40 coupon and use promo code eufySlim1 to take advantage.

This deal was originally published by Quentyn Kennemer.

With news that we may not see many significant updates for the galactic dogfighting game Star Wars: Squadrons, we don’t blame you if you’ve been holding out for a discount. With a fun multiplayer but short campaign, the game is already appropriately priced at $40 out of the light year gate, but it falls another 25% at Amazon to $30 on PC. You’ll get a digital code redeemable on either Steam or Origin.

Like the PS4 version, PC players get the best immersion possible with support for VR and HOTAS flight sticks. The entire game is playable in that perspective, so strap into your favorite aerial cockpit from the Star Wars universe and take off at you earliest convenience.

This deal was originally published by Quentyn Kennemer.

Many understandably jumped at the chance to play Final Fantasy VII Remake the day it came out, and I’d say they got their money’s worth then. If you’ve been holding out and Ghost of Tsushima hasn’t completely eaten up your gaming hours, it’s time to reunite with Cloud and the gang on PlayStation 4. Now you can do it for only $40 via Best Buy.

This decades-in-the-making reemergence doesn‘t embody the full Final Fantasy VII experience you remember from childhood, but it reintroduces us to a classic story featuring unforgettable characters with modern visuals and gameplay. Part II of this episodic journey is in the works, too, so you’ll want to get caught up in case it miraculously drops within the next couple of years.

This deal was originally published by Quentyn Kennemer. 

Until Halloween treat yourself to something titillating in Honey Play Box’s stimulating BOGO sale. For the next 5 days buy anything in their store and get your next goodie 50% off. The discount will come off of the lowest-priced item in your cart just use the code SPOOKY at checkout.

I will never get over how pretty Honey’s classic ($39 in this sale) wand is. It’s gorgeous and powerful like we all dream to be. The sophisticated rose gold color shines just as much as it vibes. With 3 speeds and 7 different patterns the soft head and flexible neck will groove right with…well your grooves. This will definitely be at the top of your list in no time. Play with yourself or a friend in style with this wireless toy. Just promise to clean it before and after.

And gents I didn’t forget about y’all. The Taboo ($25 in this sale) is one of the top-rated masturbator cups. It’s made from soft smooth silicone for a velvety realistic feel. Made to mimic the inner structure of a lady cave this little toy brings a lot of simulation. Easy to clean so no excuses not to.

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If you’re looking into a PC upgrade soon, you’ll want to consider jumping on this deal for an MSI MPG gaming motherboard. With a B550 chipset and AM4 socket, this motherboard is compatble with AMD Ryzen 3 chipsets, including the previous generation 3000-series and the newly launched 5000-series. Normally $190, Amazon has this one down to $160, a great value for all it has.

Alongside support for AMD’s latest silicone, this motherboard packs a Wi-Fi 6 radio with Bluetooth, supports USB 3.2 Gen 2, PCIe 4.0, and up to 128GB of DDR4 memory. It This ATX-sized board has all it needs to support most typical builds. Jump on this before we get anymore surprise motherboard shortages!

This deal was originally published by Quentyn Kennemer.

Everybody poops including your pups. Whether you have a house full of canines or even just one you need doggie doo bags. It shows you respect your neighbors and community when you curb your pooch. Right now grab all the bags you need for cheap. This bundle of 120 poop bags is just $10, that’s 12 cents a bag. The bags have sweet little pooches on them and non-scented. They are durable and leak-proof which is just as important. You get 8 rolls and each roll has 15 baggies. You can share those with your furry bestie’s other furry bestie. This is a great deal for something you know you will use, probably a lot quicker than you think.

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This deal was originally published by Sheilah Villari.

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