The 10 Best Deals of September 30, 2020

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Today is the last day of September, meaning we are one step closer to 2020 being O-V-E-R. In celebration, we put together the top ten deals of the day to save you as much money as possible. Support small businesses by shopping on Amazon (yes, it’s counterintuitive but trust us on this one.). Bring your own thermometer on outings to prove to store clerks you are indeed COVID free! And take a minute to relax after last night’s chaotic debate with a drop of CBD oil.

If you’re still craving more deals, take a look at Wednesday’s best deals of the day overall.

Money’s tight for a lot of us right now, and many of us are trying to be mindful of where we spend our money. For some, that means taking more of your money offline and putting it into your local shops. It’s the right move, a lot of stores are struggling right now and need our help. Unfortunately, even if you’d like to pull away from online shopping entirely, it’s not always feasible when you need an uncommon item in a pinch. For those moments, or if you’re too far out to make it into your nearest local shops but still want to help, Amazon will give you $10 to spend on Prime Day for every $10 you spend at select small businesses. The credits are only available for the duration of Prime Day, but you can start racking them up now.

If going into your local stores isn’t an option and they don’t offer delivery, there’s a solid selection of goods to get you started. If your pups need some tasty treats, there’s plenty of pet supplies available, or perhaps try out some new products in your skincare routine.

This deal was originally published by Jordan McMahon.

Thermometers have certainly become less… invasive… over time, and thanks to the pandemic, we’ve seen a lot more infrared, touchless forehead thermometers in the wild. Now you can get your own at a deep discount.

Right now, Purea’s forehead thermometer is just $24 at Amazon when you clip the coupon and input the Kinja Deals exclusive promo code, KINJAK4H. It’s perfect for scanning friends and neighbors, if you own a shop or run community gatherings of any sort, plus you can convert it to a more typical ear thermometer if you prefer.

Purea’s thermometer has a 4.8-star rating across more than 2,200 customer reviews, and it’s 40% off in this exclusive deal.

This article was originally published by Andrew Hayward.

If you’ve never tried CBD, after last night’s presidential debate, now seems like a good time to start. USDA-certified Cornbread Hemp’s full spectrum CBD oil is organic and contains no more than 0.3% THC, making it fully compliant with federal and state law. Using our exclusive promo code KINJA50, you can try it out for yourself in 25mg per serving tinctures, and receive a new bottle every month on your doorstep starting at $38. While this discount doesn’t apply to the half-sized 25mg or extra strength 50mg bottles, it does bring the full capacity down to an even lower price than your cheapest option.

As for the oil itself, it’s recommended you place it under your tongue for about a minute, letting it absorb into your mouth and quickly take effect. That said, CBD oil can also dissolve in fats like butter or whole milk, so my favorite thing to do with it is make a creamy concoction and mix it into my favorite Stash sweet honeydew green tea for a pleasantly warming sensation during these increasingly cool autumn nights. As Cornbread Hemp’s co-founder Jim Higdon explained to me in an email, their distilled CBD oil is designed to help you focus on your screen as we all tirelessly work from home amid the ongoing pandemic. But don’t take my word for it, see for yourself here—no commitments asked.

This deal was originally published by Gabe Carey.

LG 75" 8K TV | $2,149 | BuyDig | Promo Code ASL250

LG 75″ 8K TV | $2,149 | BuyDig | Promo Code ASL250
Graphic: Gabe Carey

You don’t have to drop a huge stack of cash to get a decent TV, and you probably shouldn’t when there are plenty of affordable options that offer great picture quality. That said, if you absolutely must have the latest and greatest specs, and you’re lucky enough to not worry too much about money, you can save almost two grand on an 8K TV from LG right now. This 75″ 8K TV is 46% off right now, bringing the price down to $2,149 using the promo code ASL250. That’s still a lot of money for a TV, and unless you absolutely need the best picture quality, you really could find a great TV for much less, but if you must hit that buy button, at least do so while you can save a little bit of money.

This deal was originally published by Jordan McMahon.

First Bag Free | Atlas Coffee | Promo Code AtlasCoffeeDay20
Gif: Atlas Coffee

National Coffee Day was yesterday, but why stop enjoying it now? We have a great deal for you to get your first bag of Atlas Coffee for free. That link should automatically mark your first bag down to $0, but you will need to cover shipping. If not, use code AtlasCoffeeDay20 at checkout. For me, the shipping charge was around $5. You can choose whether to get your bag ground and ready to go or as whole beans you can grind yourself.

This subscription, which you can cancel anytime, brings you a fresh bag of new coffee every two or four weeks depending on what schedule you set up. You can get caffeinated conveniently and on your terms by indicating your preference for lighter or darker roasts, or have them surprise you with each delivery.

This deal was originally published by Elizabeth Lanier.

One of the easiest ways to redecorate or spruce up a room is an accent pillow. It’s also relatively inexpensive which is a huge plus when wanting to revamp your home. For the next two days comb through more than 450 accent pillows at Wayfair and find the perfect one or three to breathe new life into a dull space.

This is also a great time to bulk up your holiday pillow collection if you’re one of those enthusiastic people who start decorating November 1. Here are a few of Wayfair’s top sellers if you need some inspiration and are unsure of the new motif you’d like to go for.

A fan favorite for customers are these Mccullough Square Cotton Pillows ($18). They come in eight different colors so you’re sure to find one that matches your abode. There’s also something very Twin Peaks about these and now I know you can’t unsee it. You get the cover and the insert which means these are easy to clean.

These Kingman Cotton Throw Pillows ($22) are another crowd-pleaser at 62% off. They come in three colors, all cotton, and have a soft cozy vibe to them. While they are cotton just like the previous pillows these ones will need to be dry cleaned if you have an oopsie.

This Daysha Shag Cotton Throw Pillow ($24) takes me back. I had one just like this growing up except it was bright pink. This one is obviously a little more demur but no less fun. Take 54% off this peacock blue one and no worries because it is machine washable.

Free two-day shipping on these items.

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Grinding for bells is hard work and you probably break a sweat while doing it. Keeping cool on your island paradise is important and this officially licensed Animal Crossing water bottle from Controller Gear can do just that. Take $5 off this travel-friendly double-wall stainless steel bottle. It holds up to seventeen ounces, is sweat-free, and keeps beverages both hot and cold. This adorable bottle has all your townie faves including my beloved K.K. Slider. It was built for a life on the move so you know it will hold up while you’re digging for fossils, catching bugs, or even fishing. Easy to clean and it’s durable for even the toughest of journies no matter your hemisphere.

Free one-day shipping for Prime members.

This deal was originally published by Sheilah Villari.

While it’s a little disingenuous for Dell to advertise an Alienware m15 R1 for $1,176 as a 47% discount when it sells for $1,700 on Amazon, it’s impossible to deny the excellent value presenting itself here. Just last year, any gaming laptop touting an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 for under $1,200 would’ve been a no-brainer, and while it’s obvious Dell is clearing out stock for an imminent refresh housing one of the shiny new 30-series cards, the 2070 is no pushover. A benchmark done by shows this model running the once-demanding Witcher 3: Wild Hunt at 64 frames per second (fps) using the highest preset graphics configuration. In an older title like BioShock Infinite, you can expect frame rates upwards of 150fps.

For a laptop, especially one born from a brand so detested (unjustifiably, in my opinion) by the PC gaming community for its overpriced hardware, a deal like this comes once in a blue moon, so don’t take it for granted. Upgrade your gamer’s setup and take it on the go, thanks to a laptop form factor’s main distinguishing feature: a built-in screen. This configuration specifically bears a not-too-shabby 15.6″ 1920 x 1080-pixel display, bolstered by a 144Hz refresh rate, meaning you can play games at up to 144fps and still see the difference (or not, depending on your eyesight). To ensure the utmost protection in your travels, I recommend tacking on the official Alienware nylon carrying case, custom-tailored to fit the 15.6″ clamshell chassis.

Don’t miss out on this limited-time offer—you never know when it’ll expire, and frankly neither do I.

This deal was originally published by Gabe Carey.

Over 13,000 customers can’t be wrong. 71% of Amazon reviewers have given the AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Kit a 5-star rating. If you’ve been looking to clean up a few coffee stains or make those pearly whites a little brighter this is the kit you’ve been searching for. This lightning deal from Amazon has AuraGlolw’s kit for 50% off the rest of the day.

If you’ve seen these sets before you know it comes with a LED light that helps accelerate the whitening process. It has a built-in timer so you don’t need to worry about setting one yourself and each session will be accurate. Also in this kit are the two 5mL teeth whitening gel syringes and the mouth trays for top and bottom. The trays don’t need to be molded which alleviates a huge headache and is usually my biggest gripe when I’ve tried kits akin to this one. Several customers have mentioned this worked just as well with their sensitive teeth which are really nice to know if you’re on the delicate side. Use these bad boys once a day for thirty minutes and see stains from your life fade away even after one treatment. If only you could remove other problems that easily.

Prime members will enjoy free one-day shipping.

This deal was originally published by Sheilah Villari.

On the hunt for a compact, no-fuss card wallet? Meh has a two-pack available today only for just $10. Each card has a small lever that lifts it up in a cascading design, making it easy to snag the card you need for any occasion, with room for up to 12 total cards. The wallets are built with a sturdy aluminum frame but a faux-leather outside, making it tough but soft to the touch.

And if you’re worried about the unlikely threat of RFID skimmers stealing your digital data, this particular design is meant to keep your cards safe. As Meh points out, “They’ll keep you safe against digital pickpockets who likely don’t exist.” Hey, added peace of mind can’t hurt.

You’ll get two wallets in this bundle, so save one as a backup or give it to a friend. Meh offers a $5/month free shipping subscription that applies across multiple deals sites that we tend to feature here at Kinja Deals, including MorningSave and SideDeal, otherwise you can pay a one-time $5 fee to ship these wallets.

This deal was originally published by Andrew Hayward. 

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