The 18 best Christmas songs since 2010

What with her love of cardigans and twinkle lights, it’s safe to assume that this is one of Taylor Swift’s favorite times of year. But even she is a bit fed up in the string-propelled beginning to 2019’s “Christmas Tree Farm” (a flourish that brings to mind similar intros from recordings by Nat King Cole or Karen Carpenter), despairing at the frantic static of the season, like holiday shopping and traffic. To get her back into the spirit, her mind’s eye wanders to the natural wonder of the title setting, which makes sense: What’s more festive than a Christmas tree farm, with no decorations or glitz, just snow and the overwhelming scent of pine? The song quickly shifts into Swift’s typical pop, steered by jingle-bell percussion, with an irrepressible hook as she sings, “Everything is icy and blue / And you would be there too” in an angelic vocal perfect for the season. Between the back-to-back releases of Lover and folklore, “Christmas Tree Farm” seemed to get lost in the prolific Taylor Swift shuffle, but it’s earned a spot in the contemporary Christmas canon. [Gwen Ihnat]

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