The Best Gift Card Exchanges Amazon Has to Offer

I got married on August 29th and was gifted many $10 Amazon gift cards. So what to do with them? I found out that you can buy gift cards to lots of different stores, restaurants, and even airlines with your Amazon gift card. What a cool way to really get anything from Amazon! Here are some of my favorites for travel, your home, food, clothing, and makeup of course.


Uber -Everyone’s favorite ride-hailing app, Uber works around the world and is perfect for use when traveling. This gift card can be loaded right into the app and used as needed, wherever your travels may take you.

Airbnb Airbnb is known for room and house rentals both in the US and internationally, but did you know that they also offer experiences? Everything from photoshoots to cooking classes. Morgan and I did a lot of these experiences when we traveled to Mexico last year.

Southwest – A favorite budget airline known for its “pick your own seat” model and free bags, Southwest seems to always be having sales. Southwest Airlines fly across the US, to Mexico, and the Caribbean.


Cheesecake Factory – A popular full-service restaurant, it’s known for, as it is named, for Cheesecake. It also has an extensive menu spanning American classics like burgers and fish fry, pasta, steaks, and copious cocktails and appetizers.

Taco Bell – Who hasn’t heard of Taco Bell? This fast food joint is known for its hard shell tacos and food when you’re in a pinch. Brightly colored Freeze drinks are also available for those who enjoy them.

Door Dash – Get nearly any cuisine delivered to you via the Door Dash site or app. For a small fee, of course, you can access local restaurants that don’t offer direct delivery and even fast food deliveries.

Texas Road House – Eat steak, ribs, or burgers in a western-themed chain started in Texas. Texas Road House prides itself in “Legendary Food and Legendary Service.”

Fogo De Chao – If you’ve never been to a Brazillian steak house, you have been missing out on the food experience of a lifetime. Fogo De Chao is one of the best Brazillian chains in the USA. They serve open fire-grilled meat in an all you can eat style with the meat carved hot in front of you.

For Your Home

Bed Bath and Beyond – A favorite place for bridal registries, Bed Bath and Beyond has everything you need for your home. They offer nearly every upscale dining, bedroom, kitchen, and household item you need for the dream home you want.

Petco – While Amazon is great for buying pet supplies, sometimes I’m sure there are things you forget to order ahead of time. In our house, that’s litter. Grab a Petco gift card and pick up what your furry friend needs at the local Petco so you don’t have to wait for a delivery.

Clothing and Makeup

Nordstrom – Everyone’s favorite upscale department store, Nordstrom offers curbside pickup and retail ranging from clothing to makeup. You can buy fine jewelry, last-minute outfits, and even a hair curler. Some Nordstroms even offer makeup and salon services.

Kohls – If you need household items, budget-friendly clothing, or even a pair of winter boots, Kohls is the place to get them. Kohls also takes Amazon returns so you can kill two birds with one stone if you got the wrong size pants, again.

Ulta – The makeup store of all makeup stores, Ulta is known for carrying both high end and drug store makeup brands. They also have a salon where you can get your hair cut, a facial, and other services.

Whatever you exchange your Amazon gift card for, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it to it’s fullest!

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