The Best Paring Knife for Your Kitchen in 2020

Top Product: Victorinox Paring Knife (3 1/4″) | $9 | Amazon

A paring knife can really change the game when it comes to slicing apples, quickly chopping onions (without crying), and all those little tasks that require a small, efficient knife. But they don’t have to be super expensive either! All you really need is a tool that will, excuse my pun, cut around the corners. So, here are the best paring knives based on insights from experts—and armchair experts AKA your average user—who know best. Let’s get to it.

Victorinox Paring Knife (3 1/4″) | $9 | Amazon

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Told you paring knives don’t have to be expensive! This one from Victorinox, the originator of the Swiss Army knife, hin as hell, so you’ll be able to slice the skin off of apples easily. The plastic handle, according to one reviewer, is sturdy and can dig into dense foods without breaking a sweat. You can even switch between having a larger plastic handle or go for a serrated blade instead of straight for some heavy-duty chopping. Love to see it.

Wusthof Pro Paring Knife (3 1/2″) | $25 | Amazon

Narrow and perfect for exact cuts, the Wusthof Pro 3 1/2″ paring knife is lightweight and easy to maneuver, reviewers say it is simple to de-vein shrimp and cubing fruits. Plus it’s only $25, on the low end for the German brand. Still, it’s sharp and reliable, two characteristics everyone wants in a paring knife.

Kyoku Daimyo Paring Knife (3 1/2″) | $38 | Amazon

A favorite among our readers, Kyoku’s 3 1/2″ Daimyo Japanese paring knife is made from stainless, 67-layered Damascus steel. It’s super sharp and can chuck strawberries and all other foods with ease. Its durable handle makes it easy to really get a grip on whatever you’ve got your hands on. Sure, it’s $37, but it’ll last you for years. Let the sales numbers speak for themselves.

Kuhn Rikon Colori Paring Knife (4″) | $13 | Amazon

With 865 ratings, Kuhn Rikon Colori paring knife is well worth the $13. Yes, it comes in a variety of colors and can cut, chop, shuck, and whatever else. It’s just that versatile. A non-stick coating rounds it off, so you’ll even be able to slice even the stickiest of cheeses with ease. The knife also has a matching sheath if you don’t have room for a knife block and need to store it in a drawer. We love to see it.

Mac Proessional Paring Knife (3 1/4″) | $60 | Amazon

On the high end of the paring knife spectrum, Mac’s paring knife is $60. Composed of alloy steel with a long-ass handle, this thing can chop up whatever the hell you wanna cut. It has weight behind the blade, which adds an extra level of sturdiness to all your kitchen endeavors. Mac kitchenware lasts a lifetime, too. All you need is the right sharpener.

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