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Eight Sleep Pod Pro Cover | $1,359-1,680 | Promo Code KINJA175

When I upgraded my mattress two years ago to a Big Fig Mattress, specifically for large-bodied people like me, I thought that I was getting the best, most luxurious sleep of my life. It was the perfect firm bed, didn’t dip or sag and I slept like a baby. And I really was getting the best sleep of my life. Until now. After sleeping for a week on the Eight Sleep Pod Pro Cover, it turns out I was wrong. My sleep could totally get better. And get better without having to give up my beloved Big Fig Mattress.

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Ranging from $1,445 to $1,745 depending on the size of your bed (or $175 off using our exclusive promo code KINJA175), the Pod Pro Cover from popular mattress brand Eight Sleep turns ANY mattress into a five-star sleeping experience, and I got to test it out! In a recent edition of our weekly Co-op questionnaire, readers of The Inventory rated the original voted in the original Eight Sleep Pod mattress as one of the best mattresses you can buy. And the brand new, just launched Pod Pro Cover can fit right over that, or your existing mattress, for a truly game-changing slumber. Thanks to its Pod Pro technology, also present in its cooling smart mattresses, Eight Sleep claims 96% of users have noted improved sleep quality.

What Is the Eight Sleep Pod Pro Cover?

Well, in short, Eight Sleep took the very best technology from their mattress and turned it into what is essentially a cover that transforms any bed into a smart bed. The encasement is placed on top your current mattress and appends bed cooling and heating technology, a virtually silent vibration alarm system, sleep tracking, and a whole lot more. The cover is a two-part system: the encasement, which retrofits your mattress for a “PerfectFit TM” and the Active Grid cover, which adheres securely to the encasement to make your new smart bed manageable by app. A water hose and small hub connected to the Active Grid make the whole thing possible so that you can keep the rest of the bedding you’ve already got—no unnecessary spending or excess waste required.

Setting It Up

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When we got the Pod Pro Cover, my wife and I were eager to try it out. We were so determined that we skipped right over the instructions to download the app first. That made the process a little more complicated, so if you buy it, make sure you download the Eight Sleep app (iOS, Android), which will guide the setup process. Once we had the bed set up, which, mind you, only took about 30 minutes even without the app’s detailed instructions, we then downloaded the app.

The Eight Sleep app is the go-to for everything sleep-related. We found it super easy to use and intuitive. The app allows you to set preferences and wake-up alarms for each side of the bed. In fact, both my wife and I downloaded the app to our separate phones and completed the setup for our respective quarters. Since the Pod Pro Cover is designed to boost your mattress smarts, the app presents data for tracking sleep and grading your performance in terms of sleep stages, sleep time, toss and turns, heart rate, and more.

Should I Buy the Eight Sleep Pod Pro Cover?

On our first night sleeping on the Pod Pro Cover, we each set up the bed to what we thought our preferences would be. It’s not a one size fits all, and the app allows you to set different temperatures for falling asleep, mid-sleep, and waking up. My wife runs hot at night, often waking up sweating, so she set up her side to start off warm and cozy, but cool down significantly when the bed senses she has fallen asleep. But because she initially made the bed way too cold, she woke up in the middle of the night freezing. After 2 days or so spent toying with the settings, however, we arrived at the ideal sleeping temperature for us both. Now that we’re all set, we should be good to go ‘til spring.

One of my favorite things about the Pod Pro Cover is how it helps people fall asleep 18% faster. That’s because, when you first set it up, you can input your sleep schedule and the app will make sure the bed is at your ideal temperature when you climb in for the night. No more shivering until you finally warm up, the bed is nice and toasty from the moment your head touched the pillow.

What Else Does the Pod Pro Cover Do?

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In addition to heating and cooling the bed, the Pro Pod Cover also has a built-in alarm clock, which gently awakes you by changing the temperature of the mattress and vibrating just your side of the bed. That means my wife no longer wakes me up out of a deep sleep with her LOUD alarm clock. SCORE! The app tracks and grades your sleep, which helps you build better sleeping habits. It allows you to look back at the last week/month/year and see how you’ve been sleeping your average sleep length, tosses and turns, when you went to bed, and even your heart rate.

For those who meditate before bed, or even wish to start, the Eight Sleep app offers guided sleeping meditation. There are options for falling asleep and even recording for those times when you wake up and just can’t fall back asleep. My wife and I also love the nature sounds available right in the app, and offered on a timer, so we can fall asleep peacefully.

Bottom Line?

If you value your sleep as much as we do, the Eight Sleep Pro Pod Cover is worth the investment. We’re in love with our bed and happily crawl into its toasty warm embrace at the end of a long day.

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