What to Watch Instead of the Last Trump/Biden Presidential Debate

A few weeks ago, we offered up suggestions for what you could (should?) watch instead of the first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. And though some commenters took us to task for promoting political apathy, given the, er, mixed reaction the much-anticipated face-off received, we think we made the right call.

Not watching the debates isn’t about embracing political apathy. It’s about protecting your own mental health. New moderating rules or not, unless you are one of those mythical undecided voters (if so, what’s up with that? Email us and let us know), there is literally no reason to subject yourself to 90 stressful minutes of two guys shouting at one another (or, more likely, one guy shouting at the other guy). You know how you’re going to vote. (Maybe you’ve voted already.) Give your anxiety the night off and watch something else. We have a few ideas.

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