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When our prayers are being answered, when the test results are the ones we’ve prayed for, or when we get that job we really needed, we look up and praise God and have no problem worshipping him. But is that conditional worship? If God does what we want… then He’s worthy of praise? No. God is always good, it’s his character. And God can be nothing less than good.

God is always worthy of praise. And it’s a mature faith that will worship in the midst of severe trials. Worship is not dependent on answers. Worship is powerful simply because God is worthy of worship.

I think some of the sweetest songs God must have heard were the ones Paul sang from prison. Paul certainly knew the one he sang to was worthy of praise. And in his darkest hour, Jesus prayed in the garden. And while he did want the cup to be passed, he still submitted to his Father.

God is worthy of worship. It has nothing to do with what is going on around us. God is our sufficiency. He is everything we need.

Everything I Need

God, you are all-knowing;
you always have a plan.
There’s nothing that surprises you;
you always understand.

Please help me to remember,
and teach me to embrace,
you are everything I need,
no matter what I face

– Anne Peterson ©2020


A Prayer in Your ‘Why’ Season

Father, I want to praise you for who you are. You are Almighty God. Nothing is too difficult for you. Even the things people are facing today. Lord, help us to worship you, confident you know the answers to any questions we have. Help us to lift you up, instead of letting our circumstances bring us down. And Father, thank you that you never waste a thing. But instead, you have a purpose for everything you allow in our lives. We praise you, Lord, for who you are, and we thank you for Jesus, for it is His name we pray. Amen.

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