Who Taught You How to Date?

Be honest, who taught you how to date? My husband, Damien, and I were blessed. We both grew up as preacher’s kids and in a two parent household. However, to be honest with you, we were never sat down and taught formally (or even causally) on how to date God’s way. Yes, even in a preacher’s home! With that being said, we made a lot of mistakes trying to relate to the opposite sex, which led to confusion, sexual trauma, and heartache. Once we totally surrendered our lives and sexuality over to God, we both had a burden to do relationships in a God-honoring way.After Damien slid into my DM’s on Facebook in February of 2018, (you have to read the whole story in #CompletelyMarried: Journey to the Altar and Beyond), we started to talk, eventually date, or what we like to call court, God’s way. We had to learn how to do that along the way. You might find yourself reading this article and wanting to do relationships God’s way as well, but not sure how to do just that.If you’ll let me, I’d like to teach you how to date using 3 key principles: in community, in purity, and with intentionality.Photo Credit: © Getty Images/lolostock

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