Bryan Callen Sues Alleged Rape Victim’s Husband Over Cancelled Gigs – Deadline

Bryan Callen says he is innocent of multiple rape allegations made against him and the former Goldbergs actor is suing the husband of one of his accusers to prove it, sort of.

“This lawsuit arises from Defendant Gabriel Tigerman’s ongoing campaign to destroy the livelihood of actor and stand-up comic Bryan Callen through threats, harassment, and intimidation of third parties that dare contract with him,” says the complaint for intentional interference with contractual relations filed yesterday in Los Angeles Superior Court (READ IT HERE).

“Driven by the false allegation that Mr. Callen assaulted his wife over 20 years ago, Mr. Tigerman has sent and continues to send Mr. Callen’s representatives and others direct demands that they cease doing business with him, or else be falsely branded as supporters of sexual assault,” the jury trial seeking paperwork continues. “As a direct result of Mr. Tigerman’s vengeful interference, Mr. Callen’s agents dropped him and comedy clubs have cancelled contracts to perform. This is illegal, wrong, and without regard for due process. By this Complaint, Mr. Callen simply seeks to preserve his ability to work and earn a living.”

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New to the City of Angels at the time, Katherine Fiore Tigerman told the LA Times in July that Callen raped her in 1999 after offering to show her around the town.

The claims came soon after Netflix pulled the plug on a planned prank show to be hosted by Callen and Chris D’Elia. Earlier this summer, the latter was accused of soliciting underage girls on social media. Earlier this month, D’Elia faced more sexual misconduct claims, which he has strongly denied and termed all of his relationships to have been consensual and legal.

In the weeks following the various sexual assault accusations against Callen going public two months ago from ex-MADtv cast member Tigerman and three other women, the comedian was cut loose by CAA and Innovative Artists Talent and Literary Agency – neither of whom are named as defendants in this new case.

In more recent days, according to the new compliant, the former The Fighter and the Kid podcast co-host has seen several comedy clubs cancel his scheduled performances after supposedly receiving less than pleased emails and tweets from Gabriel Tigerman. “Mr. Tigerman’s apparent objective is to have Mr. Callen blacklisted, destitute, never to work again,” declares the LASC action filed by attorneys Andrew Baum and Jesse Levin at Glaser Weil Fink Howard Avchen & Shapiro LLP.

Not naming those clubs either, Callen’s compliant against Tigerman seeks wide ranging unspecified damages in excess of $25,000. Specifically, the comedian desires “punitive damages according to proof at trial in an amount sufficient to punish and make an example of Defendants for their wrongful conduct.”

In response, Gabriel Tigerman started a GoFundMe campaign late Wednesday to raise $50,000 for anticipated legal defense costs. As of this evening, just under $16,000 had been raised from about 236 donors.

“In his lawsuit, Bryan blames me for his agent firing him and for comedy clubs canceling his shows,” writes Tigerman on the fundraising page. “I’m to blame, he says, rather than his own actions,” he adds as part of a much longer statement about his wife and their circumstances. “Unfortunately, I’ve also learned today that someone like Bryan can haul you into court even if their lawsuit has no merit. And that’s why I’m posting this message.”

Defending a lawsuit is costly, even if you win,” Tigerman adds. “Threats of expensive litigation have allowed many abusers to silence their victims.”

“I’m not going to let that happen to me, or my family. I’m going to fight back.”

In another fighting move of his own, Callan took to Twitter on Wednesday to try to bait Drunk History regular Jen Kirkman to join him on his newly launched podcast on crowd funded Patreon platform:

Along with Amy Schumer and others, comedian Kirkman condemned Callan after the allegations against him came out.

The former frequent Chelsea Lately panelist put some money on the table after Gabriel Tigerman started tweeting about Callan. Kirkman pledged to donate $5 to Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network for anyone who made public their feelings about “credibly alleged rapist Bryan Callen” being booked for a show at the Helium Comedy Club in Indianapolis, Indiana. Ex-Schooled lead Callan has socially distanced shows there from October 1-3 as well as several other venues over the following five weeks and in 2021.

Kirkman did not respond directly to Callan’s tweet of Wednesday, but the best-selling author of I Can Barely Take Care of Myself: Tales from a Happy Life With Kids author did make her Twitter feed private – which is certainly a response of its own.

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