Daniel Dae Kim, Kal Penn & More Celebrate Name Origins After GOP Senator Mocks Kamala Harris’ Pronunciation – Deadline

Hollywood stars, political figures and more are celebrating the varying meanings and origins of their names after a video of GOP Sen. David Perdue mocking vice president candidate Kamala Harris’ name went viral.

“Kamala or Kamala-mala-mala-mala, I don’t know. Whatever,” Perdue said during a Trump rally in Georgia.

Hours after Twitter users expressed frustration and disappointment with Perdue’s failure and lack of effort to correctly pronounce Harris’ name, #MyNameIs began trending on the social media platform.

#MyNameIs Daniel Dae Hyun Kim, or in Korean, 김대현. It means “great and powerful one.” My name is not “Macaca” or “Kung Flu.” And @sendavidperdue, her name is not “Kamala Mala Mala I Don’t Know Whatever.” #Respect. One more reason to vote for @JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris,” Daniel Dae Kim tweeted on Saturday. 

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Will & Grace star Debra Messing joined the conversation, celebrating her roots. She said that her name has Polish and Russian origins and that she’s proud of its roots. Messing also took her 140 character to chastise the Georgia senator.

Kal Penn responded to Perdue’s comments by revealing that Kalpen is actually his real first name and that the stage name was necessary to succeed.

“#MyNameIs Kalpen. I started going by Kal Penn to help me get a job & am more than happy to give @SenDavidPerdue some tips on finding a new one of his own,” he said.

Perdue’s failure to correctly pronounce Harris’ first name isn’t the first time someone has received backlash. In August, Fox News host Tucker Carlson received criticism for stressing the incorrect syllables of the vice presidential nominee’s first name.

Additional figures tweeting the hashtag and sharing sharing the deeper meanings of their first names were Michelle Kwan, Ilhan Omar, Ted Lieu and more. See the tweets below.

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