El Salvador's President takes blame for migrant deaths in Rio Grande, page 1

posted on Jul, 3 2019 @ 09:42 AM

a reply to: projectvxn

Good on them, maybe they’ll stop hand sitting and get some things done.

As for my country, it’s a shame so many are willing to use tragedy as a political football. I’m ashamed of the politicians that do, because depending
on the context of discussion their tune will change. On the topic of domestic affairs, many of our population are in the have not category (which is
true, and I’d like to see this change). On the topic of immigration, we are all in the category of haves and need to focus on this as a paramount

The truth is, we cannot be generous until we get our own affairs in order. We already have given 4.4 billion dollars to El Salvador, and continue to
give yearly. I’m even willing to note I believe we do owe it to them to help out for two reasons. The first being helping them actually helps us in
our task to curb illegal immigration, the second being we had some questionable endeavors there in the past.

What bugs me the most is the same politicians who use this as a political football only do so in the manner to blame their position. Very rarely do I
actually hear of any ideas for meaningful reform, just finger pointing. As one of my old bosses said, don’t come to me with problems, come to me with

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