Fox’s ‘Let’s Be Real’ Skewers Politicos With Robert Smigel’s Humor – Deadline

The Fox show Let’s Be Real is an all-new election-themed puppet special executive-produced by Robert Smigel, the satirist best-known for Triumph the Insult Comic Dog and his Saturday Night Live cartoons.

The new comedy covers politics, pop culture and the 2020 election through topical sketches featuring puppets, celebrity cameos and remote pieces. The debut included the exiled Charlie Rose & Matt Lauer giving some AM Sarasota wisdom (see video above), President Trump getting sage advice from Larry King, a phone call between Trump and Stormy Daniels, and Joe Biden debate prep, among other features.

Smigel is no stranger to controversy. His “TV Funhouse” cartoon segment on SNL featured the political short called “Conspiracy Theory Rock!”, which took corporations like GE and Fox to task. It was pulled from syndication for a time and achieved legendary status for its cheeky take.

Watch the latest Smigel effort above.

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