Jimmy Kimmel Criticizes Trump, “Cross-Country Coronoa-Palooza Tour” – Deadline

Less than two weeks after President Donald Trump announced his COVID-19 diagnosis, the commander-in-chief is back exciting his fan base with a rally in Pennsylvania. There to joke about the President’s campaign events was Jimmy Kimmel.

“Trump did about an hour of material in Florida and he killed – he really killed,” the Jimmy Kimmel live host said on Tuesday night. “We have to wait two weeks to see how many he killed be he definitely killed.”

Kimmel also took aim at the attendees at the Pennsylvania event. An un-masked Trump appeared before his supporters, who were also un-masked.

“He does seem to be on something bc he was feeling little droplets of love in the air,” he said.

After commenting on Trump’s potential contagiousness, Jimmy Kimmel Live went to on feature a clip of the president saying that he’d be happy to kiss various attendees at the rally and that he feels stronger than ever.

Kimmel compared Joe Biden’s approach to rallies, noting that no one has tested positive for COVID-19 at his political events. Instead of having massive gatherings, the former vice president is holding drive-in rallies.

“So no one’s getting the virus at Joe Biden’s rallies, meanwhile the president is doing a cross-country Corona-Palooza tour,” he quipped.

Watch the full Jimmy Kimmel Live segment above.

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