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posted on Jul, 3 2019 @ 04:08 AM

Let’s call this guy Mr. Smith . He’s the deputy head .

Someone we know goes in , ends up telling the deputy and the safeguarding officer , who doesn’t teach , what’s up . In a meeting , two on one .

Someone we know says , this is a sensitive matter , can we keep it confidential , they say yes .

By the end of the day , the game is up , they’ve dumped the someone we know in the # . He has done it , Mr.Smith . Without the safeguarding officer
present , they’ve interrogated the child concerned , and informed the subject of the complaint of who has said anything , and what they said .

Why has Mr. Smith gone over the head of the safeguarding officer , who is there only for that purpose , and not to teach ? He teaches himself , so
he’s got less time . But obviously , what he’s done with this complaint has been more important to him .

Let’s get Mr. Smith in for questioning : he’s betrayed confidence immediately , and not kept the someone we know informed . Now that someone we know
is in a severely compromised position , and so are the children concerned .

The context of the complaint is fairly serious , but Mr. Smith has taken counter claims for defense purposes , currently it seems he intends to not
further inform the someone we know any further of the matter .

Someone we know was very annoyed when he has heard of Mr. Smith’s actions in regard to this . He is highly suspicious of why this has happened , why
has it panned out this way ?
Who does he take the details of this to ? Can we get something done about this .

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