Trevor Noah Examines Rudy Giuliani’s Meltdown On Election Fraud – Deadline

The power of the pardon is being discussed among the chattering classes in Washington, as speculation churns about whether President Donald Trump will issue preemptive pardons before he leaves office.

“Guys, that is adorable,” chortled Trevor Noah. “Trump is pardoning his kids and his house pets. Handing out pardons like gift cards.”

Can Trump legally pardon himself? Noah admitted that no one knows for sure. But he added, “It will be fun to see how he will do it.”

There is already an investigation surrounding at least two people who have allegedly approached the White House about adding their names to the pardon list.

Redacted documents do not indicate President Trump or anyone from the administration is involved. But Noah speculated, “after knowing him for this long…my man is not going to turn some cash for pardons.”

He added, “I’m surprised he’s not targeting Instagram ads to former felons.”

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