‘WandaVision’ Trailer Racks Up Massive Traffic In 24 Hours Post-Emmys – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: Audiences didn’t watch the Primetime Emmys on Sunday, which sank to a new low of 6.1M viewers, but there was something that kept their eyes glued in the 24 hours following the awards show: the trailer for Disney+/Marvel’s WandaVision.

We hear that the trailer in the 24 hours following its Emmy broadcast netted a massive 53M views online. That is believed to be the highest 24-hour draw online ever for a streaming service’s series ad spot.

“That’s in a league with Avengers and Fast & Furious franchises following a Super Bowl drop in a day,” entertainment social media monitor RelishMix tells Deadline tonight.

WandaVision had over 302,6k social mentions, which is also at feature tent-pole level volume pre-COVID. The trailer did start trending on Twitter immediately following its airing on Sunday night rising to #4 and hitting #2 on the YouTube trending videos. Disney+ dropped the full length piece following the :60 spot on the Emmys.

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Beams RelishMix which spotted an even higher 24-hour figure than the studio’s “Roaring at theatrical social media rates from the Emmy TV broadcast spot drop — WandaVision is seeing video counts across social platforms, in a full 24-hours, exceeding 55.7M views, predominantly on YouTube with over 36.1M views. Reposting of spots and reaction/reviews spots is flying at an earned viral rate of 63:1.  Facebook video views are building at 4.9M plus 10.1M views on Instagram, plus TikTok and Twitter. Keep in mind, this growth is attributed to the TV spot from Sunday night, which is even more impressive as the momentum builds on social over the week.”

The key trailer post on the Marvel Entertainment YouTube channel has clocked 9.6M views, fueled by 14.3M subscribers behind it, and cross-posted well on other Disney social channels.

WandaVision smoked the 24-hour social media trailer traffic of this year’s Super Bowl trailers Black Widow (18.7M), Mulan (12.4M) and No Time to Die (10.1M) among others. WandaVision also zapped the 24-hour post Super Bowl traffic of Avengers: Infinity War (30.9M), and the 2017 post Super Bowl traffic of Netflix’s Stranger Things season 2 trailer (28.2M).

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