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MONTH OF October

October Snapshot
Power couples, dynamic duos and kindred spirits—bring ‘em on! Partnerships are the macro-theme of the month with the Sun visiting Libra and your seventh house of relationships until Thursday, October 22. After that, things slide closer to home (and get a bit more intense) when El Sol plunges into Scorpio and your intimate eighth house for four weeks.

But before you can dive into twosome mode, the month makes a grand entrance on Thursday, October 1 with an Aries full moon, putting the spotlight directly on you and your most cherished goals. So be bold, be brave, and put YOUR ideas front and center on October’s first day.

This is the first of TWO full moons that will light up the October nights. Yep—it’s a rare “blue moon” month, a lunar bookend that only happens once every two-and-a-half years. (And to make it more interesting, the second one’s on Halloween!)

Playing well with others will be a bit more challenging during the second half of October. That’s because from October 13 to November 3, Mercury—the ruler of cclass=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” ommunication, tech and travel—will turn retrograde.

As you may know, zippy Mercury rules the transfer of information. That includes the postal service—and the winged messenger’s retrograde will end on the day of the U.S. Presidential election (eek!). If you’re voting by mail, vote as early as possible, and make sure your ballot is perfect if you want your vote to count. If you’re voting in person, mentally prepare yourself for the twisted signals that can happen when Mercury goes retrograde.

Mercury continues its backspin through Scorpio until Friday, October 27, when it will moonwalk back into Libra and stay there for six more days for the duration of the retrograde. Crossed wires, if they occur, will likely impact your most important relationships, so watch what you say. And don’t assume you heard what THEY said—because signals can get as scrambled as your Sunday brunch eggs during this time.

The opportunity for a significant career bump up arrives when potent Pluto turns direct in productive Capricorn and your ambitious tenth house on Sunday, October 4, ending a five-month retrograde slowdown. As the pint-sized powerhouse zooms ahead alongside lucky Jupiter and organized Saturn (both direct in Capricorn until mid-December), you’ve got two months to go “pedal to the metal” on your career goals!

Halloween delivers that full “blue moon” in bewitching Scorpio and your intimate, erotic eighth house. You may have a chance to wear that sexy costume after all, Aries. Or, turn off the porch lights, hang a “do not disturb” sign on the knob and enjoy a private celebration, dress-up optional!

Week 1: October 1-11
A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity—but hold your temper!
All eyes on you! This week kicks off with a bang as year’s only Aries full moon powers up your first house of self and appearances on Thursday, October 1. If you feel like you’ve slipped out of the limelight or lost touch with your passions, this is your cue to step up and shine. The emphasis is on projects that are most important to you personally. Look back to the March 24 Aries new moon for clues on where to focus.

Take a bow and bask in some well-earned applause. But if there’s a bit of unfinished work involved, plan to get it done by Sunday, October 4, when intense Pluto turns direct (forward) in serious Capricorn and your tenth house of career, long-term goals, and authority, after a five-month retrograde reversal that dammed up the pipes of your ambitious plans.

This is a majorly positive shift in most ways—but as it kicks off you may suddenly realize there’s something you’ve been avoiding or upset about but not saying out loud. Now’s your chance to clear the air and get it in the open—just be careful not to lose the moment’s impact by impulsively throwing blame. Take responsibility for your part of any misunderstandings or wayward dynamics and clear the trail for forward momentum.

Between now and mid-December, powerhouse Pluto, expansive Jupiter AND disciplined Saturn are all in Capricorn, injecting major mojo and productivity into your career efforts. This rare convergence only happens every few centuries, making it a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Aries! With all this planetary power pushing your progress, it’s a #noexcuses time to take a leap forward on your professional path.

The tenth house also rules fathers and men. Has anything been off with your dad or a male-identified person in your life? Look to Pluto’s course correction to help you sort out any tangled ties.

Beware oclass=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” f a major anger flare on Friday, October 9, as warrior Mars makes its second harsh square of 2020 with stone-cold Pluto. This time it’s a mirror image of a prior Mars-Pluto clash that happened on August 13. Last time, Pluto was retrograde and Mars was charging forward. This time they’re reversed (Mars is retrograde and Pluto’s direct)—but the impact is similar: Domineering or controlling people will feel the wrath of your pushback. Any time these planetary hotheads clash in a cosmic cage fight, tempers get turned up to thermonuclear levels. Explosions, when they occur, come quickly and without warning.

The key is to avoid burning bridges or doing permanent damage to anyone’s reputation, especially your own. Since this pot is boiling in your career sector, give diplomacy and patience everything you’ve got—and TGIF!

Week 2: October 12-18
Back up your stuff—and prepare to jugglclass=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” e

Hurry and back up your files and important data! On Tuesday, October 13, mouthy Mercury will start its final retrograde of 2020—and keep spinning backwards until Tuesday, November 3.

Since Mercury’s reverse-commuting through Scorpio, the most secretive of signs, don’t panic if your Spidey senses suggest that there’s something being kept from you. It may not be intentional so before you fling accusations, investigate thoroughly. Mercury is backing through your eighth house of intimacy, shared finances and joint ventures. Hidden information could surface in a relationship, either business or personal, so do your investigating (but keep that paranoia in check). An ex or former flame could resurface—tempting, but think twice before you go there.

Since Mercury rules contracts and deals, make sure you double, triple, and quadruple check all the fine print before you sign ANY dotted lines. Better yet, kick binding agreements down the road until after November 3, when clearer conditions prevail.

On Monday, October 16, a Libra new moon—the only new moon in your partnership zone this year—offers a chance to make things better with your besties and significant other. If there’s class=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” work to be done, fair-minded Libra will give you a good starting point to repair or deepen your connections.

But watch out! This new moon’s will lock into a tense square with overconfident Jupiter, snippy Saturn and powermonger Pluto in your tenth house of career and long-term goals. Although you have a green light to begin productively improving your relationships now, avoid making any Harry Potter-style unbreakable vows.

Prepare to navigate dueling demands from career and spending quality time with loved ones. Regardless of which side is giving you grief, do your best to tap into Libra’s master-juggler energy and make sure you’re giving both your squad and your goals quality time—even if you can’t satisfy unreasonable demands for quantity. You’re only human, after all!

Week 3: 19-25
Stand tall—but prepare to duck (under the covers)

Fireworks! The week starts off with a powder-keg square between two of the most impulsive and impatient planets, Mars (which has a hair-trigger temper) and Jupiter (which expands whatever it touches, on Monday, October 19. This is the second time they’ll collide in 2020. Look back to August 4 when they first butted heads in the same zodiac signs—you may see the same tension resurface today.

Hotheaded Mars is in Aries, firing up your reactiveness. It’s also retrograde this time, which could dredge up unfinished business or dormant frustration. As it locks into a square with growth-driven Jupiter in dutiful Capricorn and your career zone, your ballooning responsibilities could prevent you from feeling totally free and autonomous.

Finding a fulfilling career path could feel like mission impossible. Alternately, you may reach an impasse with a bureaucratic manager, a tough client or a job search. Watch that frustration and don’t let it detonate.

The key with squares is to regain balance and compromise. What did you learn from missteps back in early August? Think about what YOU need to feel focused and fulfilled—and then, on a practical note, how you could design a career path that gives you stability without making you feel imprisoned.

On Tuesday, October 22, the Sun enters Scorpio and heats up your private, intimate eighth house until November 21. Can you dip under the radar a bit during this introspective month? Big money is in the spotlight: Review your shared investments, long-term finances and ways you’ve combined your resources for mutual gain. Since the eighth house is all about transformation, this is a good time for doing important inner work and getting in touch with your emotions. Under these erotic and sensual skies, focus on anyone you have a mind-body-soul connection with and deepen those bonds on every level.

Week 4: October 26-31
Blue moon Halloween
On Sunday, October 27, that pesky retrograde Mercury backs out of Scorpio into Libra, disrupting your seventh house of relationships. It’s going to stay in this sign until November 10, and while it’s bumbling through the rest of its backspin, it could impact the balance in your relationships, messing up the give-and-take or demanding that you deal with an issue you’ve swept aside or avoided.

There’s a bit of consolation as charming Venus delicately also sashays into Libra (making heads turn) on October 27. Can you bring a little beauty back for Halloween? Go for a historical costume or classy look. Bring some fun to your work Zoom by hosting a virtual dressup day or giving “treats” to your team to boost their spirits.

Speaking of work, Halloween will be supercharged by a Taurus full moon illuminating your second house of money. La luna will appear in exact conjunction with disruptive Uranus, fueling an emotional urge to make big changes—or delivering them out of the blue.

Surprise! This convergence could bring curveballs or push a major shift to your work and income. Alternately, a sudden windfall in the form of a revenue-generating opportunity or job offer could come in. Look back to what you’ve been working on since the April 22 Taurus new moon. If you own a business, throw a little online flash sale for the day and you could reap some unexpected cash!


It’s a relatively tame month in the passion department, Aries, but perhaps you could use a little break? Not only is your ruler, lusty Mars, retrograde from September 9 to November 13, but it’s back-spinning through your sign, which is like a dangling a carrot you can’t quite grab. It IS a good time, however, to rebalance any scales that got out of whack. If a connection overheated, for instance, you can step back and engage from a more level-headed place. Maybe an attraction or relationship became all-consuming, causing you to lose yourself a bit. Rein it in and focus on your own life and projects. It’s Libra season, and equilibrium is key for all of us.

On top of that, cosmic coquette Venus is spending most of the month (October 2 to 27) in chaste Virgo and your busy, service-oriented sixth house. Single? You could meet someone while working toward a common cause—or just working (or working out). Some Rams might opt for take a little sensual sabbatical and lavish all your love on yourself, which is a great thing to do with beautifying Venus in your zone of self-care.

While not the hottest way to bond, couples may find themselves consumed with household projects. Use the opportunity to connect and support each other, especially if they’re ideas you’ve hatched together. If you’re juggling high-pressure demands, like working from home AND overseeing kids’ remote schooling, do your best to be each other’s oasis rathclass=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” er than taking out your stress on each other. Though it’s hard to make concrete plans these days, getting a romantic getaway on the books could give you something to look forward to. When Venus trines her fellow “benefic” Jupiter on October 19, talking about the future feels far more exciting than suffocating or dispiriting.

But don’t put your sexy skivvies and tight T-shirts in mothballs just yet! Once Venus waltzes into Libra and your partnership house from October 27 to November 21, you’ll be in the mood for romance again. Just bear in mind that with communicator Mercury in signal-scrambling retrograde mode (and backflipping into Libra on October 27), a former flame or old bones of contention could return until November 3.

Key Dates:
October 19: Venus-Jupiter trine

You’re feeling pragmatic and optimistic about romance or a certain relationship, and without the dreamy vibes that can cloud reality, you can bring about a desired shift in your dynamic. You could restore a healthy balance of give-and-take or meet someone who’s all about fair play in a union.


October gets off to a powerful start for your career. On October 1, the year’s only Aries full moon beams into your first house of self and personal initiatives. A project you’ve been working on since your last birthday could come together. If you’ve been wavering on making an important life decision during the pandemic, you could finally get a clear signal! That will get even easier on October 4, when powerhouse Pluto wakes up from a five-month nap, zooming through Capricorn and your career zone alongside lucky Jupiter and structured Saturn. Polish your resume and portfolio, reach out to your contact list. Opportunities that staled could pick up speed!

Back up your most important data and strengthen your passwords in the first half of this month. On October 12, Mercury, the ruler of technology and communication will flip its script and turn retrograde (backward) until November 3, a time that could muck up your key relationships. Be extra patient with people before flying off the handle or assuming they had bad intentions. Be careful about signing contracts, especially where money is involved. Read all the fine print and be clear about fees, interest rates and hidden costs. With Mercury awry, you could easily miss that!

Key Dates:
October 7: Mercury-Uranus opposition

You don’t have to go along with someone’s ideas about spending or investing money today. In fact, trusting your own instincts may prove the smartest move of all. (Note: You also don’t have to justify your decision.) This cosmic collision sends your mind into overdrive, but hold your tongue. In this case, the first thought probably isn’t the best thought. Just quietly follow your gut. Mercury and Uranus will face off on October 19 and November 17, when you’ll be tasked with navigating this erratic energy again.

Love Days: 11, 16
Money Days: 4, 21
Luck Days: 1, 20
Off Days: 14, 18, 26

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