Aries Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF September 7 – 1 3, 2020

Speed check! “Going with the flow” doesn’t necessarily mean going at YOUR preferred pace, Ram. In fact, starting Wednesday, September 9, you may find yourself hitting the brakes more than the accelerator for the next two months. Your ruler, energizing Mars, flips into retrograde, reversing through Aries until November 13. You might have just reached your cruising speed only to encounter delays, do-overs or other distractions. While most of those experiences will be frustrating, there’s a silver lining—if you can ease up on your resistance enough to experience it. Your action-oriented sign tends to rush in and clean up any “damage” after the fact, sometimes creating more disruption (or cost) as a result. During this forced slowdown, you are given repeated opportunities to review your work and make necessary tweaks in a timely manner. While this may require some attitude adjustment, trust that you’ll probably benefit from going back to the drawing board (whether you acknowledge it publicly or not). Pro tip: Humble thyself and take advantage of this metaphoric yellow light. Mars is in your sign for an unusually long run this time (June 27 to January 6, 2021), and this backflip may inspire you to make some alterations to your personal style. While certain things can and will naturally revert (i.e., your hair will grow back if you cut it), more permanent things won’t, like tattoos. Take your time really thinking through not only what you want to do, but WHY.

Also on Wednesday, optimistic Jupiter (retrograde) swings into a supportive trine with the Sun in Virgo and your hard-working sixth house. With these positive planets aligned in your career sectors, your goals might get an energizing boost—or you could go even bigger with one of your personal initiatives. Jupiter rules travel, entrepreneurship and education, AND it expands everything it comes into contact with. If you’ve been hatching an exciting project, double down on the R-n-D now. You might be a couple clicks away from signing up for, or offering, a master class or professional workshop. Ideally, nothing would formally begin before Jupiter corrects course this Saturday, but even in reverse, the gas giant is auspicious. Whatever you’re involved in, think about how you can stretch your reach, if only by another ten or 15 percent.

Come Saturday, supersizer Jupiter ends its annual four-month retrograde, this year spent in goal-oriented Capricorn and your ambitious tenth house. If your career trajectory hit a wall—or took a serious hit—you can look forward to your mojo coming back with a thrilling vengeance. With a well-thought-out game plan and heaps of enthusiasm, you’ll regain lost ground and make up for lost time. Of course, you don’t want to cut corners, step on toes or ignore safety precautions in the process. But over these next three months, as Jupiter rounds out its stay in this realm (where it won’t return for another 12 years), you’ll feel like you’ve caught a cosmic tailwind. Get in the right “lane” and ride it all the way to the finish line! Hedge your bets by eradicating any negative or self-limiting thoughts, including subtle language that could be holding you back, like expressing self-doubt. If you’re a little wobbly after COVID-mandated job shifts, see if your company’s human resources department is offering anything to help employees get their sea legs back. Or hire a business coach for a few sessions to restore your can-do energy!

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