Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF September 7 – 1 3, 2020

What domestic projects have you been putting off, waiting for a “rainy day” to tend to? You won’t need to check your weather app on Wednesday, September 9, Cap. No matter what is or isn’t falling from the heavens, action planet Mars shifts into retrograde that day, something he only does once every other year. And because the feisty red planet is “exalted” in your sign, this is actually a highly auspicious time for you to make home and family your top priorities for the next two months. While Mars revs in reverse in Aries and your foundational fourth house until November 13, you might start to see a situation in a new light, old information may come to bear upon the issue, or you may finally tire of someone’s antics and initiate a housemate change. Pay close attention to your own behavior, especially what motivates (or enervates) you. You might be the epitome of calm, cool and collected, but Mars is famous for his combativeness and competitiveness. Stay conscious and be honest about what you’re trying to accomplish. If you’re “unintentionally” picking fights to bring about a certain outcome—without having to own up to it—there are better (and more mature) ways to go about this. Practice acting the way you’d like others to treat you. That alone can keep you on the high road. On an entirely different, home-reno level, these eight weeks are perfect for finally diving into that improvement project. But don’t OVERDO it, Cap. Prioritize the most pressing issue, or one that must come first, and see how that goes. With Mars retrograde, the only thing you can reliably “expect” is the unexpected!

Also on Wednesday, the radiant Sun aligns with expansive and unedited Jupiter in your sign, and you could steal any spotlight that comes within a few yards! You’re magnetic and, whether you know it or not, people are eager to get to know you or at least bask in your glow. Don’t wait to be invited: If there’s something you want to do, or a group you’d like to rub elbows with—or one certain someone you’d like to rub other things with—make your move now. This sweet sync-up happens but twice a year, and the next time it does won’t be until June 2021. Thanks to jovial, jet-setting Jupiter, sparks could fly with someone from a different culture. With travel restrictions weighing on so many of us, single Goats will have to be more clever than usual to meet even slightly exotic types. But it can be done! Attached? You can widen both of your horizons by planning a romantic getaway someplace that neither of you have been before. Can’t go for a while? Researching and planning together will make the eventual trip all the sweeter!

Even bigger news could arrive as early as Saturday, when Jupiter corrects course after sputtering in reverse in Capricorn for the past four months. You may have felt like for every step forward you took, you were sent two steps back—or like you never made any progress at all! That’s set to change starting this weekend as Jupiter blasts full steam ahead. The ideal scenario would be that you learned some vital lessons while Jupiter was in neutral, and now you know exactly how to make the most of what you learned. Waste no time using your newfound confidence and wisdom to save time, money and to plot out your next major moves.

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