Dermstore is Having a 3 Day Hair Care Sale What To Buy

National Hair Day is upon us and whether you knew this was a holiday or not, Dermstore is giving us a reason to be excited. The luxe beauty retailer is holding a hair care sale for three days only and the discounts are massive. Think: 25% off all Briogeo, VIRTUE, Christophe Robin, and 20% off on other cult-favorite lines, such as Living Proof, Harry Josh, among many more.

Because many of us are still working remotely, the timing of Dermstore’s Hair Sale couldn’t be better. It’s the ideal time to lean into learning how to work with your natural hair. (I’m looking at you, fellow curly hair types). And, yes, the audience size of those seeing our hair is undoubtedly smaller these days, but the pure joy of a good hair day is something we all deserve to still savor.

Because we realize that navigating a stacked beauty sale can be a grey hair-inducing pursuit in itself, we went ahead and made things easier for you by rounding up the products we recommended adding to your cart before the sale ends on October 3.


Briogeo Don’t Despair Repair Deep Conditioning Mask


$36 $27 (25% off)

Created for all hair types, celeb-favorite Briogeo’s clean products contain a slew of antioxidants and vitamins that make hair feel and look stronger and healthier. The brand’s beloved Don’t Despair, Respair! deep conditioning mask has been clinically proven to reduce hair breakage.


Besties Clean Hair Discovery Kit (5 piece)


$30 $23 (25% off)

Narrowing down a single favorite Briogeo is next to impossible. In case you’re new to the brand, this set includes travel-sized hero shampoos and hair care products, such as the brand’s Farewell Frizz Blow Dry Perfection Heat Protectant Crème (a Harper’s Bazaar Hair Awards 2019 winner).


Color Shield Shampoo

Christophe Robin

$38 $27 (25% off)

If you’re after a shampoo that’ll make your color last longer, look no further than legendary French colorist Christophe Robin’s range of hair color products. (His clientele includes Linda Evangelista and Catherine Deneuve, after all.) Robin’s Color Shield Shampoo works to cleanse and boost color intensity in color-treated, bleached, and highlighted hair. Its acidic pH also helps to seal cuticle and lock in shine.


Recovery Conditioner


$16 $12 (25% off)

The keratin used in VIRTUE products is identical to keratin produced by the human body, so you can expect stronger strands with every use. Unlike a lot of other Keratin products, VIRTUE’s products are all vegan. (Editor’s note: I bought myself this travel-sized version back in July after reading about how Jennifer Garner swears by this, and I still have some left. And yes, I shower regularly.) 


Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo

Living Proof

$36 $29 (20% off) 

Every brand makes a dry shampoo these days, but for fine hair types, Living Proof’s Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo is revolutionary in that it doesn’t just absorb oil, it also cleanses hair. It’s another one of BAZAAR’s Hair Awards 2019 winners, by the way. 


HIGH DIVE Moisture & Shine Creme


$29 $23 (20% off)

Suitable for all hair types, High Dive is a hair cream that adds shine and moisture, while fighting against frizz. Simply run a small amount of this hair cream through towel-dried hair before styling or air drying to enjoy shinier, less frizzy hair. 


Pro Dryer 2000 (3 piece)

Harry Josh Pro Tools

 $249 $186.75 (25% off)

Another Hair Awards 2019 winner, Harry Josh’s Pro Dryer is in a league of its own. Not only does its high motor speed reduce dry time and heat damage, it weights less than a pound.  


Diva Stilettos & Heels Ultimate Hold Hairspray

Nick Chavez

$32 $24 (25% off)

There isn’t a better-named hairspray out there, and judging by how Nick Chavez’s hairsprays constantly sell out, you can bet on results as fabulous as the name. Diva Stilettos & Heels Ultimate Hold Hairspray is dreamily scented with grapefruit and henna, but doesn’t make hair feel sticky the way other hairsprays often do. 


CAVIAR Anti-Aging Smoothing Anti-Frizz Blowout Butter


$34 $25.50 (25% off)

Alterna’s CAVIAR Anti-Aging Smoothing Anti-Frizz Blowout Butter works to hydrate hair, which in turn helps with restoring softness, smoothness, and shine. The product gets it names for the nutrients that come from caviar extract.


Travel Detangling Paddle Brush


$55 $41 (25% off) 

If your hair is prone to getting knotted and tangled, a hairbrush you’ll have years to come is worth the investment. Gentle enough for children, this detangling brush works to reduce snagging and breakage. 


Anti-Flake II Relief Shampoo

Philip B.

$42 $32 (25% off)

Winter is coming. If you have sensitive skin and want to fight flakiness, try Philip B.’s legendary Anti-Flake II Relief Shampoo, which works to heal and soothe dry, oily, and flaky scalps. The tea tree oil helps balance oil production and tackle the organisms that exacerbate scalp problems, which make it effective in combatting dandruff and psoriasis. 


TRICHO 7 STEP 2 Volumizing Hair and Scalp Treatment

Philip Kingsley

$89 $67 (25% off)

A Hair Awards 2019 winner for Best Topical Hair Extra, Philip Kingsley’s Tricho 7 Volumizing Scalp Drops contain soothing anti-oxidants and stimulating vasodialaters, which encourage blood flow to the scalp for healthy hair growth. They create more volume at the root immediately upon use, which creates an instantly fuller look. 


Color Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Spray

Color Wow


$28 $21 (25% off)

Celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton relies on Dream Coat to get the straightest, shiniest, and glossiest hair on celebrities like Kim Kardashian West and Jennifer Lopez. Pick this up if you don’t go a day without grabbing your flat iron.


Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse

$35 $28 (20% off)

Great for all hair types but an MVP for curly hair in particular, this hair rinse relies on aloe vera, argan oil, and apple cider vinegar to gently cleanse and remove build-up, soothe, and moisturize your hair and scalp. 

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