Gemini Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF September 7 – 1 3, 2020

Back up your sensitive data, Gemini, and while you’re at it, get it ALL into the cloud, then strengthen your most important passwords. On Wednesday, September 9, energizing Mars goes on hiatus as it kickstarts its biennial retrograde in Aries and your eleventh house of technology and collaboration. Between now and November 13, certain projects might go off the rails in spite of your best efforts. With the feisty red planet reversing through this all-important chart sector, you might experience slowdowns, indefensible rebellions or out-and-out work stoppages. If you’re the boss on this thing, you might have to be uncharacteristically authoritative and right the Team Twin ship. Just watch that you don’t cross that invisible line between leadership and pushiness. People still need to be acknowledged and feel that their points of view are heard. Perhaps convene a meeting in which everyone gets a chance to offload, but you retain the final decision. This backflip kicks off two solid months of potential dissent and teeth-pulling, so pick your battles carefully—and handle your most vital players with kid gloves. For all you know, someone might be going through a family crisis but are too professional to let on. See if you can glean more with a personal (and sincere) conversation, ideally NOT at work. Since retrogrades rule the past—and this is your realm of groups and social activism—you could join forces with old friends or colleagues and spearhead an important initiative. If it’s political in nature, you might need to accelerate your timeline for maximum impact!

Also on Wednesday, clear out some blocks of white space on your calendar. The Virgo Sun in your foundational fourth house is winking at supersizer Jupiter (retrograde) in your erotic eighth house. This is a perfect mashup for rekindling the home fires—or getting something stoked! This auspicious, supportive Sun-Jupiter alignment only happens twice a year, and when it does, things can spark suddenly and intensely! Attached? Make it a night IN, and perhaps bring dinner and beverages into the boudoir for some PG- and X-rated connection. Pillow talk can be spicy, but that doesn’t cheapen it. Speak from your heart and encourage bae to do the same (so NO interrupting!). Single or just getting to know someone? Give the online dating pool a serious shot. Assume the best of the people initially, knowing you can always pivot later. The trick is meeting people with potential!

You might benefit from some Feng Shui adjustments in your bedroom later in the week, as Jupiter finally concludes its lengthy (and occasionally mind-numbing) four-month retrograde in Capricorn and your intimate, seductive eighth house on Saturday. If your love life has been hitting the snooze button or a joint venture hasn’t been able to reach cruising speed, the expansive planet (in reverse) might be partially to blame. But starting this weekend, you should feel a jolt of motivation or just forward motion in one of these areas (or both)! If you’re keen to develop a close connection, make your move soon; you’ve got Jupiter in this realm only until December 19, so take full advantage. Just bear in mind that the eighth house is also associated with intense emotions like jealousy and vengeance, so consider this your official notice to NOT go there.

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