Giveon Song Association With Hits By Drake, Frank Ocean, Sinatra

Between the smooth baritone voice, the emotive, story-like lyrics and unique soundscape, Giveon has made quite a contribution to the R&B genre. This includes two EPs in 2020 alone and a best R&B album Grammy nomination for Take Time. Giveon sings several of his recent hits during a game of Song Association, such as “Favorite Mistake,” “Still Your Best,” and “Heartbreak Anniversary.”

Earlier this year, the Grammy nominee spoke to about his creative process. “I think of my body of work as a story that flows and plays in my mind like a film,” he explained. “In a film, there are dramatic moments and a bunch of different moments that lead up to a dramatic moment. On some songs, I try to paint the picture of before that drama happens, so by the time you get to the end of the project you’ve experienced infatuation and intimacy before it dives off to drama.”

Tune into Giveon’s Song Association as he sings Frank Ocean, Sinatra, Drake, and more in an attempt to beat the buzzer.

Stream Givēon’s music here

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