Pisces Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF September 7 – 1 3, 2020

Mind your money starting this Wednesday, September 9, when motivated Mars shifts into reverse in rash Aries and your financially focused second house until November 13. For the next two months, surprising (or maybe overlooked) bills could come due. You might discover hidden costs associated with larger purchases, or a revenue stream that had been flowing nicely may suddenly dry up. Even if money does get a little funny, you don’t need to panic. In a not-funny way, this could be an opportunity to be a little more clear-eyed about your spending habits. As a dreamy Pisces, sticking to a budget, balancing your accounts and delaying gratification are not exactly a few of your favorite things, but there are good reasons to become more focused. For one thing, stockpiling funds will give you some wiggle room should things go sideways this winter. Also, if you’ve got your eye on a big-ticket item (new furniture, car, maybe even a vacation…in 2021!), you’ll need to start saving up now. Even 50 dollars a week will quickly accumulate—and if you can tighten the belt another notch or two, you’ll be amazed at how fast you can reach your magic number. Rather than focus on what you’re giving up, turn this new approach into a personal challenge, which will only benefit YOU. Any time temptation rears up, strongly envision your goal. With Mars in low-power mode, you might struggle to find additional work, but tap the retrograde power by seeing if anyone from your past is looking for a temporary worker or can toss you occasional freelance work. Once the feisty red planet resumes direct motion on November 13, you may have come up with a few solid plans to carry you into the new year more flush than you’d ever imagined!

Also on Wednesday, your relationships become your top priority as optimistic Jupiter in your communal sector forms a supportive trine with the Sun in Virgo and your seventh house of dynamic duos. Whether with a lover, friend, creative partner or someone who blurs those lines, you’ll feel closer than ever, and one of you might even initiate a conversation about taking a next step. Your internally focused sign isn’t always the most effusive when it comes to expressing your feelings, but if you were ever going to let someone know what’s in your heart, this is your moment. Open up, share something intimate, then wait for the feel-good oxytocin to start flowing! For single Fish, the line between pal and paramour can blur—in the sweetest way. Don’t just jump in without thinking through the consequences, but if you have—and they’re worth the risk—make your move and keep a very open mind!

A few days later, on Saturday, Jupiter has another trick up its sleeve: It ends its tireless, four-month retrograde and blasts ahead in your eleventh house of social networking and technology. This move could restore the peace on Team Pisces, help you spread a key message online or even meet a potential love interest through a dating app. Once again, your friendships will be a source of pleasure until December 19. If you’re still searching for your soul squad, be proactive about getting to know new faces. You don’t need to formally “enlist,” but do spend more time checking out different groups and organizations.

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