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MONTH OF September

August Snapshot
Ready, set, get down to business! With the Sun in Virgo and your tenth house of career and reputation until Tuesday, September 22, an ambitious month awaits. During this industrious time, it’s essential to prioritize your most important goals. Narrow your focus and eliminate distractions!

Turn your back on drama as hot-blooded Mars turns retrograde from Wednesday, September 9, to November 13 in Aries and your fifth house of passion, romance and creativity. An ex might resurface or, for couples, an old feud could brew. A summer fling may cool down along with the temperatures, and if it does, give this a little breathing room. Mars is here until January 6, and the brief pause could help you get in touch with what YOU really want. Take things at a slow and steady pace instead of warp speed. Channel your energy into a back-burnered creative project or some physical activity.

During the first half of September, all five of the slow-moving outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) continue to poke along in powered-down retrograde. As a Sagittarius, you like to move fast, but you’ve been forced to do things “by the book” all spring and summer and possibly to navigate a few bureaucratic obstacles.

Four of these planets have been reversing through structured earth signs, pushing you to get healthy and organized, especially when it comes to your money. Are you doing too much? Sagittarians are famous for keeping a zillion irons in the fire, and you can usually handle that just fine. But these retrogrades remind you: You’re only human! Your health and mental state can suffer if you bite off more than you can chew.

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed, stop, take a deep breath and implement a good, streamlined system. Then get some proper assistance. You CAN accomplish your many ideas without trying to launch them all at once!

As the month progresses, the outer planets will begin to straighten out. Jupiter and Saturn turn direct (forward) on September 12 and 29 respectively, then Pluto powers ahead in early October. All three of these heavy hitters are in Capricorn and your second house of work and money. Look for your finances to get on an even keel again and for job prospects to come in. Finally, you’ll be able make firm decisions about where to direct your energy for the rest of 2020. That’s more like it!

Your network determines your net worth, as the saying goes. That will ring especially true starting Tuesday, September 22, when the Sun moves into social butterfly Libra and your vibrant, collaborative sector until October 22. For the next month, it’s all about “who you know” as your eleventh house of teamwork and technology becomes a hot zone. Gear up for socially distanced gatherings, exciting Zoom masterminds and as much communal fun as you can find a way to have.

Week 1: September 1-6
Home, family and feelings

Busy and goal-focused though you are this month, pause for the sentimental cause on Wednesday, September 2. The year’s only Pisces full moon in your domestic fourth house puts home and family in the foreground. Get busy beautifying Chateau Sagittarius or, if you’re thinking of moving, pore through the real estate listings or beautify your home to make it shine on the market. Spiritual Pisces attunes you to the energy in your space. Try some Feng Shui techniques or a simple decluttering to improve the flow. Need inspiration? A quick check-in with tidy guru Marie Kondo might be in order

At this watery full moon, pull your loved ones close and savor your bonds, especially since you’ve been so busy with work this year. Tend to your connection with a female relative, possibly your mother or a child. A powerful and compassionate woman could figure into events near this date. Lean on each other for support and sharing. Or take a time-out for solitude and self-care—you may crave a little time to yourself now. Try a rich meditation app like Ten Percent Happier to find the words of guidance that will make you feel just right.

Look back to the February 23 Pisces new moon. Personal endeavors you started six months ago could begin to come to fruition. You can make an important decision about your family or lifestyle that you’ve been mulling since early 2020. Now, the illuminating full moon helps you take action.

Week 2: September 7-13
Passion cools, profits heat up

This week brings the start AND the end of two planetary retrogrades as Mars reverses course and Jupiter, your ruling planet, picks up speed again. On Wednesday, September 9, energizer Mars turns retrograde in Aries and your passionate, expressive fifth house until November 13. Is it time to dial back the decadence or wave the white flag on a relationship that’s gotten a bit too heated?

For the next two months, put some of your hedonistic impulses (which are already strong for Sagittarius) in time-out and bring some moderation back. Keep your temper in check if you’ve been quick to fly off the handle when someone pushes your buttons. A creative project might need to be shelved for a bit as you handle more practical and pressing matters.

With lusty Mars going rogue in your romance sector, you might hear from a tempting but possibly toxic ex. Is it time to finally address a tense issue head-on? You could have second thoughts about a connection that’s been heating up since Mars arrived here on June 27.

The red planet will remain in Aries until January 6, 2021. A little cooldown period could be healthy, giving you a chance to regain your bearings. Then you can power ahead on more solid, self-aware ground in mid-November. It’s a great time to get back to your fitness routines, especially if you’ve fallen off the workout and wellness wagon since Mars entered your zone of hedonism!

You won’t have time to get into trouble, anyway, because on Saturday, September 12, your cosmic overlord, lucky Jupiter, breaks free from a four-month retrograde slowdown in Capricorn and your second house of work and money. Productivity picks up, finances get back on track and an exciting project could really come to life.

Worldly Jupiter is in Capricorn until December 19, bringing new opportunities from afar, whether that’s a virtual dream client, a job offer with relocation or the chance to get your message out on a much broader scale. With the planet of abundance and risk-taking bringing its enthusiastic touch to your financial district, fortune favors the bold more than ever. Get ready to make it rain!

Week 3: September 14-20
Fresh career chapter

There’s even more good news for your career this week. Not only is auspicious Jupiter now zooming ahead in your money zone, but Thursday, September 17, brings the year’s only Virgo new moon to your ambitious and successful tenth house. Set some professional goals that you can manifest between now and the Virgo full moon on February 27, 2021.

Your father or another important man could play into events near this date. With the new moon helping you craft long-term plans, you might decide to work with a coach or mentor who can turn those Sagittarius dreams into a reality—one that can go the distance and keep sustainable profits rolling in for years.

Remember the saying, If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. It’s crucial that you put some concrete architecture behind your starry-eyed ideas if you want any of them to materialize. Whether your goal is as simple as reorganizing your closet or as lofty as launching a new business, think about what you’d like to achieve by early next year, then break your process down into actionable steps. Try a life-coaching app like Burz, or buddy up with an ambitious friend to hold yourself accountable. It may not happen overnight, but by early next year, you could be sitting on top of a sweet victory!

Week 4: September 21-30
Back to work (with a side of fun)

Call up your crew and connect! On Tuesday, September 22, the Sun enters Libra and your eleventh house of collaborations and futuristic ideas, kicking off an idealistic four-week cycle. There’s power in numbers, so strengthen ties on Team Sagittarius and find ways to connect with like-minded visionaries. Together, you can cook up some big and world-changing ideas!

Financial relief arrives starting Tuesday, September 29, when tough Saturn in thrifty Capricorn loosens its vice grip on your work and money sector. A five-month retrograde that began May 10 comes to an end, and the disciplined planet turns direct (forward), easing some burden from your bank account. Work projects that stalled or sputtered will pick up speed again—and with supersizer Jupiter also zooming forward, things could develop quickly!

Have you learned the most important lessons about sound financial stewardship, budgeting and living within your means? Over the past three years, Saturn’s delivered some harsh but necessary training around money management and work. This is Saturn’s final lap through Capricorn, so apply your new skills and get busy building your dreams into a profitable reality. On December 17, Saturn will exit Capricorn, not to return until 2047.

Just make sure you don’t go tearing out of the gate. That same day, Saturn will get jammed in a harsh square with reckless Mars, repeating a clash they had on August 24. You may feel like you have one foot on the gas, the other on the brake. The temptation to spend impulsively could strike, demanding extreme self-discipline. Or you may receive a “bill” (real or metaphorical) for an indulgence made earlier this spring or summer. You’ll have to pay the piper, Sag, so learn the lesson and move on.

A fast-moving attraction could also get speed-checked by this Mars-Saturn square. Do your goals and values align enough for this to turn into a real-deal relationship? It’s fine if they don’t, but don’t kid yourself about it (just enjoy the sizzling chemistry for what it is). For couples, this day could stir up fighting and drama. Use it as an opportunity to practice some newfound maturity and DON’T take the bait when someone pushes your buttons!


Feelings may have been a bit raw or intense over the past few weeks as sensual Venus cruised through sensitive Cancer and your eighth house of intimacy and seduction. And they won’t settle back down the first week of the month—not until the amorous orb relocates to Leo and your expansive and thicker-skinned ninth house. On the upside, this is a great time to get vulnerable and explore the edges of an intimate connection.

Once Venus lopes into Leo on September 6, where she’ll stay until October 2, she’ll stoke your love of freedom, adventure and travel. The ninth house is your sign’s natural home base, so you’ll feel more in your element over the coming three weeks. Couples can start thinking seriously about your next pandemic-proof (or post-pandemic) vacation, whether that’s an “away” or “at-home” game. Simply planning something can get the juices flowing!

Single? A diversified dating portfolio is a Sagittarius must, so if you’ve been stuck on a “type” for a while, this global Venus cycle can widen your horizons. You could fall for someone from a different background or who lives a few time zones away. LAT (Living Apart Together) relationships might be ideal for your independent sign.

Jagged emotions notwithstanding, Mars is partway through an extended trip to Aries and your flirtatious fifth house from June 27 to January 6. Things have probably been hot in and out of the boudoir for many Archers. But that could slow down—or come to a short-term halt—when Mars reverses course from September 9 to November 13. In retrograde, the feisty red planet can stir up drama and spark heated arguments. Regardless of how hot the attraction, you may need a break to cool down from the intensity. If you rushed into something new, here’s your chance to regulate your speed, if necessary, using Covid concerns as your rationale.

Key Dates:
September 2: Venus opposite Saturn

Slow down and schedule quality time to connect with your love interest today. Passing conversations will not be enough to feel connected, nor to resolve any of the tension this transit can ratchet up. You might find it helpful (for both of you) to repeat things back to each other. (“What I’m hearing you say is…”) Instead of jumping in to respond right away, focus on hearing them out in full.


The biggest goals may start with a dream, but to make them happen, a realistic plan has to follow. And you’ll get plenty of cosmic support for that diligence this month, with the Sun blazing through Virgo and your responsible, ambitious tenth house until September 22. A leadership role, a promotion or some exciting recognition could arrive, especially near the September 17 Virgo new moon. Looking to pivot on your professional path or take on a new title? This lunar lift could be the start of a six-month ascent. Set your sights on late February 2021!

Finances improve in the second half of the month, starting when your ruler, abundant Jupiter, ends a four-month retrograde slowdown in your money zone on September 12. An idea or project that got back-burnered could pick up speed. Budgeting, planning and creating stability haven’t been easy this year, especially since challenging Saturn began its retrograde back in May. On September 29, the tough taskmaster corrects course and powers ahead through your fiscal second house until December 17. Add more structure and make concrete plans and your responsible moves can pay dividends well into 2021.

Key Dates:
September 1: Mercury-Pluto trine

Your instincts are blade-sharp today, so if you sense an opportunity in the ether, investigate! With mysterious Pluto in the mix, you might not see any visible evidence yet. Don’t let this stop you. Do the detective work to find out whether or not this situation is lucrative, and moreover, worth your time. Remember: Money isn’t the only motivating factor. Does this situation speak to your soul? Will it help you grow?

Love Days: 4, 10
Money Days: 17, 23
Luck Days: 14, 22
Off Days: 7, 12, 20

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