Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF September 7 – 1 3, 2020

Just like you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar, sometimes, Scorpio, you can accomplish more when you DON’T push yourself to exhaustion. This Wednesday, September 9, your cosmic co-ruler, activating Mars, kicks off his biennial backflip, this time in Aries and your sixth house of organization, productivity and daily routines. For the next two months, you can ease up on the gas and practice techniques that will help you work smarter, not harder. And if at first it only feels like things are slowing down—or coming undone—hang in there. Retrogrades aren’t “linear,” and their effects could be up and down…and all over the map! Rather than focusing on the disruptions, try to see the opportunities, even if you have to squint. For example, if you’ve been burning the midnight oil—and burning yourself out in the process—this backspin can actually be a (non-negotiable) chance to hit reset. Left to your own devices, you might never stop, reflect, revise or scrap plans that aren’t coming together the way you’d hoped. Your determined sign can be obstinate and hang on past the point of no return, but with Mars off-course, you might have no choice—which could be the best possible outcome! Trust that good will come of this. And once you turn the corner, experiment with some other approaches or collaborators. Once Mars corrects course on November 13, be ready to blast out of the gate with a solid, and inspirational, plan in mind.

Also on Wednesday, auspicious Jupiter (retrograde) mashes up with the Virgo Sun, both in your community-minded houses. You won’t feel like hiding—or, if you try, you won’t have much success. If anything, you could be almost overwhelmed by the sense of gratitude you feel toward your closest friends and colleagues (and maybe a special sibling). If one of them has really gone to bat for you or mentored you far beyond the “call of duty,” this is a perfect day to show your appreciation. Flowers might be a little much, but you could treat for lunch or, at the very least, send a heartfelt card. And then, Scorpio: Pay it forward. Who can YOU escort up the ladder or lend a supportive ear to? Single? With the line between “like” and “lust” a little blurry under this friendly sync-up, you may sense some seductive vibes coming from someone you’ve filed under “platonic pal.” If there’s no good reason NOT to explore, take a (mindful) sniff around.

If the cat got your tongue midweek, you’ll have all kinds of second chances starting this Saturday when unfiltered Jupiter snaps out of its annual retrograde (which began on May 14) and blasts ahead in practical Capricorn and your communication center. Who have you been meaning to strike up a conversation with, whether for business, pleasure, a creative coproduction or any combination thereof? Or look at your own personal or brand message and see how you can amplify it. For the next three months, give whatever writing or media project you’re working on one last big push while the planet of publishing blesses your communication zone until December 19!

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