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With the late-summer Sun in your sign until Tuesday, September 22, it’s YOUR month to take the lead! Are you ready to turn a fresh page, Virgo? As you blow out the birthday candles, prioritize your personal goals and passion projects. Don’t limit yourself or worry about whether the ideas are “practical.” Just let the big ideas flow. At the end of the month, you can sift through the harvest and see which of those crops are keepers.

Your closest relationships come under scrutiny starting Wednesday, September 9, as go-getter Mars turns retrograde until November 13. The restless red planet will backspin through bold Aries, pumping the brakes in your eighth house of intimacy and joint ventures. A strong connection that’s been blazing along could cool down now. You may need to pull back and deal with intense emotions, like jealousy, or trust issues. Or you might just crave a little time to reconnect with yourself.

Take that introspective break now! During the first half of September, four of the five slow-moving outer planets are in powered-down retrograde and reversing through earth signs. Since as far back as May, these delays have impacted the most expressive and passionate zones of your chart. Have you been seriously reconsidering your path in love or wondering if you should pivot toward a more creative or fulfilling career path? You’ve been grappling with these weighty decisions for a few months, yet the way forward hasn’t gotten any clearer.

As the month progresses, the outer planets begin to straighten out as Jupiter and Saturn turn direct on September 12 and 29 respectively, then Pluto in early October. All three of these heavy hitters are in Capricorn and your fifth house of passion and self-expression. Following your instincts has been good for your heady sign in 2020, but it’s been a lot for your orderly Virgo operating system to process! Now that you’ve had a few months to integrate all that you’ve learned, you’ll soon get back to fully opening your heart.

On Tuesday, September 22, the Sun glides into partnership-oriented Libra, visiting until October 22. Are you ready to take your Virgo-season birthday discoveries and start building a couple of them into tangible endeavors? Your focus shifts to practical matters of work, money and security as the Sun heats up your stabilizing second house. Celebrate all month so you’ll be ready to get productive!

Week 1: September 1-6
Friends and lovers

Dynamic duos ignite! On Monday, September 2, the Pisces full moon beams into your seventh house of partnerships. As the year’s lone full moon in your relationship house, expect welcome changes to all your collaborative efforts. Look back to the Pisces new moon in late February. This is the turning point from events that have been developing since right after Valentine’s Day.

If you’re single, you could meet someone with long-term potential under these made-for-two moonbeams. Watch out where you aim your amorous arrows, though. A tense angle between flirtatious Venus and tough Saturn that same day sounds the call to be discerning. Do you both want the same things from a long-term union?

Couples can deepen their bonds or take concrete steps to get back in sync. The pandemic has taken a toll on many relationships—and this full moon helps you find more mutuality and balance. Since full moons can bring conclusions, some Virgos may decide to part ways with a romantic or business collaborator and move on to a new chapter.

Where could you team up for mutual gain? Look around: You’re likely to spot someone who’s ready to lend a hand to your passion projects, or maybe a person who needs YOUR special brand of efficiency and keen insight. Bring on the win-wins!

Week 2: September 7-13
Walk, don’t run

Slow down there, Virgo! With impatient Mars turning retrograde on Wednesday, September 9, you may need to disengage from a heated situation. Mars will backtrack through Aries and your eighth house of intimacy, shared resources and transformation until November 13. This two-month period could cause passions to cool—and emotions to blow up. If you’ve been suppressing any jealousy or trust issues, those feelings could come gushing out into the open now.

The eighth house rules long-term and joint finances, from property to debts to important investments. With Mars spinning in reverse, you might need to play catch-up on your expenses and cut unnecessary costs if you’re living beyond your means. Not sure if you should seal a deal or get involved with someone on a financial venture? Don’t rush into (or out of) anything without careful consideration.

On Saturday, September 12, auspicious Jupiter turns direct (forward) in Capricorn, hitting the “refresh” button on your fifth house of love, creativity and fun. A stalled romance or a sidelined artistic project could pick up speed again.

If enthusiasm flagged when Jupiter went retrograde on May 14, don’t worry! The jolly gaseous giant is in this amorous and glamorous zone until December 19, unleashing your sexy style maven. This burst of cosmic optimism can reboot your relationship goals and inspire you to share your talents with the world. Lead with your heart—but take heed of retrograde Mars, and look twice before you leap into lusty encounters.

Week 3: September 14-20
Your heart’s desire

Happy astrological New Year! The Virgo new moon on Thursday, September 17, is like a personal reset, inviting you to set goals and plot initiatives that will unfold between now and the February 27, 2021, Virgo full moon. You know that passion project you’ve been talking about forever? Now’s the time to really put it out there, at least partially. You only get one new moon in your sign each year, and it activates your first house of self and identity. Think of it like a lunar birthday and set some bold intentions!

Nobody’s more organized than a Virgo, and when you put your ideas into tangible form, you have a funny way of manifesting them. It makes sense: As an earth sign, you have a tendency to make things concrete and doable. And since you’re ruled by Mercury, the planet of writing and thinking, your obsessive list-making is like a creative visualization ritual. Post some Virgo new moon wishes somewhere that you’ll see them (your fridge or bedroom mirror) and re-read them every day. By early next year, you could see many, if not all, of them have taken form.

Week 4: September 21-30
Down to biz

Time to move from talk to action! On Tuesday, September 22, the Sun enters balanced Libra, heating up your second house of personal finances, work and security. It’s time to choose a couple of your most promising ideas and start building them into something real. Practical matters prevail, so get ready to roll up your sleeves and hustle for the next four weeks. It will feel SO good to get things done!

Relationship relief arrives on Tuesday, September 29, as dependable Saturn turns direct in no-nonsense Capricorn—ending a retrograde that’s been disrupting your romance sector since May 10. Did a “sure thing” fail to materialize, or an ex resurface during that time? Be grateful to cosmic teacher Saturn for the lesson—and say goodbye to ghosts (and ghosters) of love lives past.

With solid Saturn AND enthusiastic Jupiter now moving ahead again in your creative and amorous fifth house, your chemistry, connection and artistic expression will be enhanced. Were you healing from a breakup? You can finally look forward to brighter days. Your unique style and perspective could attract true fans—you may find be tapped as an authority or influencer, perhaps offering creative (and lucrative) consultations. Virgo artists and performers could finally take the stage again, even if it’s at a socially distanced or virtual event.

Just don’t rush into anything immediately. The same day that Saturn turns direct (September 29), it will lock into a heated square with retrograde Mars in your intense eighth house. A streak of jealousy or trust issues could flare up, or you may feel suddenly “exposed” when people notice you, even if you THOUGHT you wanted this attention! Give your shy side a minute in the metaphorical green room before you take center stage. In love, don’t worry if you need to slow your roll for a hot minute. Hold your fire while the coals cool this week, and ease back into romance one sultry step at a time.


As summer draws to a close, you may still be feeling like you’re on vacation as Venus traipses through your eleventh house of casual friends and community until September 6. Enjoy it, Virgo, because once the cosmic coquette crash-lands in Leo and your fantasy-fueled twelfth house on September 6, things could turn a bit emotional for four weeks.

Buried memories, old hurts or unprocessed grief could bubble to the surface, demanding your immediate attention. This can be particularly distracting because you’d much rather get lost in the daydreams Venus is unleashing! And since the twelfth house rules release and endings, without even trying to, you may pull back from a certain connection that’s run its course or no longer “sparks joy.” With renewed insights, you might discover that things have gotten a bit too close for comfort with someone and that your union in bordering on codependent. Now’s a perfect time to insert a little healthy distance.

Meanwhile, passionate Mars spending a lengthy interlude in Aries (June 27 to January 6), which is your eighth house of intimacy and eroticism. While you’ll enjoy steaming up the windows—especially as the nights get longer and cooler—this transit can also shorten your fuse and make you thin-skinned or even a bit paranoid. Everything from your emotions to a new relationship can heat up quickly.

But tap the brakes, Virgo! When Mars shifts into reverse (retrograde) for two months on September 9, feelings may turn on a dime, or you might have “buyer’s remorse” over something you gave too much rein to. Rather than stay the course, be open and honest about what you’re feeling. If you need some time on your own to mull things over or to work through some trust issues, don’t be afraid to say so. SO much better than suffering in silence!

That said, one of THE hottest days of your year could be September 28, when the cosmic lovebirds harmonize in a loving trine, coaxing you to get vulnerable and open your heart to someone who’s shown they deserve it. Sexual attraction, even a soulmate bond, could intensify. If you’ve been doing deep inner work during Mars retrograde, this once-a-year mashup could bring a breakthrough!

Key Dates:
September 2: Venus-Saturn opposition

Careful where you aim those amorous arrows! Vixen Venus in your friendly eleventh house is batting her lashes at steady Saturn in your love zone. Your flirtatious moves could lead someone on, but one of you might be feeling the attraction more than the other. Even if it is mutual, the circumstances of your lives might not smoothly align. Make sure you both want the same things before leaping in.


Your passion projects and solo endeavors take center stage as Virgo season puts you in the spotlight until September 22. This is your month to shine in all ways, including at work. If you haven’t been asserting yourself or getting the acknowledgment you deserve, ask for it. The squeaky wheel gets the premium-grade oil! You know how to make yourself stand out, Virgo, so don’t be afraid to do that.

Earmark the Virgo new moon on September 17 as a day to launch or start something new. Any bold moves you make will bear fruit between now and the February 27, 2021, Virgo full moon. Plant the crops now that you want to harvest then and tend to them. Start wherever you are, even if you’re a total newbie. Sign up for a class, talk to someone in the field or tap an experienced mentor who can open doors.

But first, how about teaming up for the win? On Monday, September 2, the Pisces full moon beams into your seventh house of partnerships and contracts. Is it time to make a deal official, or perhaps to part ways with a collaborator you’ve outgrown? Spend some time nurturing your network and getting back in touch with your most important contacts. Success IS about who you know, after all.

A productive month begins on September 22, when the Sun shifts into Libra, activating your work and money zone. For the next four weeks, focus on building a stable foundation for yourself and solidifying income sources so you can move confidently through the uncertain times that are ahead for the next few months.

Key Dates:
September 3: Mercury-Saturn trine

Being liked and respected is a rare combo, but you’ve got that cosmic mojo today! As whip-smart Mercury (in your sign) teams up with heavy-hitter Saturn in your charming fifth house, few can resist your powers. Pro tip: Back your clever ideas with meticulous research. Put that into a polished proposal then work your magic!

Love Days: 23, 2
Money Days: 10, 18
Luck Days: 7, 17
Off Days: 4, 14, 27

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