Virgo Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF September 7 – 1 3, 2020

Passion interrupted? Starting this Wednesday, September 9, go-getter Mars kicks off his biennial backspin, this time in Aries and your lusty eighth house. It’s not that you’ve lost your mojo, Virgo; it just might take a little something extra to get your engines revving between now and November 13. If you raced into a new union or made any rash decisions around romance, this retrograde could actually do you a world of good! For one thing, it offers a built-in excuse to hit pause and reconsider your actions. Established couples can tweak the power dynamics in their relationship, or talk through some emotions you’ve been stuffing down, fearful of rocking the boat a little too much. For those who are just getting to know someone new, this prospect could vanish like a ghost or not live up to initial billing. But since this is a temporary reversal, it’s entirely possible things will return with vengeance once Mars straightens out on November 13. Do your mortal best between now and then to NOT add any unnecessary pressure onto things. If the other person isn’t ready to commit—or just hasn’t caught up to your speed—resist the instinct to do anything and let things unfold organically. For all you know, they might be going through a personal crisis, and they’ll appreciate you more than ever for giving them space. And since retrogrades rule the past, you could hear from an ex—or find yourself deep-Googling someone on your backlist. A little fantasy can spice things up, but if this didn’t work out for very obvious reasons, don’t try to erase them from your memory. Channel that starry-eyed passion into an attraction that can actually be reciprocated—and sustainable!

Of course, with supersizer Jupiter (retrograde) in your amorous fifth house aligned with the radiant Sun in your sign that same day, sparks could ignite with someone new, or bae might surprise you in the sexiest way! Regardless of your relationship status, this auspicious alignment supports candid conversations, so be bold and broach THAT subject. But be sensitive to how your words might be received. The fifth house is also your creativity sector, so everyone’s eyes may be on you today, and a project you’ve been midwifing for a while could attract the attention it deserves. And if not? Grab the mic and toot your horn into it—loudly! We know: Not exactly the Virgo way. But this is such a rare opportunity that you really don’t want to miss the boat on account of being overly modest. What did THAT ever get anyone anyway?

Cupid makes an encore appearance on Saturday as propitious Jupiter ends its annual four-month retrograde in Capricorn and your impassioned fifth house. Wherever you’ve been playing small, or stuck in neutral, you’ll get a cosmic tailwind to get out of your own way and take a wise, calculated risk now or over the coming three months. And you won’t want to stand idling by because once Jupiter moves out of Capricorn and into your sixth house of work and service (i.e., the Virgo house) on December 19, you could go back to putting everyone else and their needs first. Resist!

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