Why Demi Lovato Ended Her Engagement With Max Ehrich: 'She Doesn't Trust Him'

Demi Lovato ended her whirlwind romance with Max Ehrich, calling off their engagement and ending their relationship of just six months. E! got details on what happened and how Lovato’s view of Ehrich changed in the weeks leading up to and days after his past tweets and social media posts lusting after Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, and other female celebrities went viral.

A source told E! that things had started deteriorating a couple weeks before Ehrich left Los Angeles to film a project in Atlanta. “They were arguing a lot and Demi didn’t want him to go without her,” the source said. She ultimately traveled there to be with him then realized maybe she didn’t trust his intentions with her.

“There has been a lot of tension and Demi left him to get a clear head,” the source said. Lovato realized during that time that “she didn’t know who Max truly was and didn’t think he had good intentions. There were many red flags she was ignoring and trying to turn a blind eye to.”

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A second source added that “she doesn’t trust him and thinks he’s sketchy.” She “feels he proposed to get attention.” Ehrich popped the question to Lovato after less than five months of dating. Her feelings for him were genuine, E! was told. She just wasn’t sure his for her were.

Lovato is now back in Los Angeles with her family “rallied around her,” the second source told E!.

Lovato and Ehrich haven’t commented on their split yet. A source told People, the outlet which broke the news yesterday, that “it was a tough decision, but Demi and Max have decided to go their separate ways to focus on their respective careers. They have respect and love for one another and will always cherish the time they spent together.”

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